Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Firing Your Agent

Most people reading this blog (and the person writing it!) are still hoping to find themselves an agent so why on earth would you consider firing your agent when it's so difficult to find one in the first place?

I've heard a few reasons why authors might start thinking about firing their agent and getting a new one:
  • the agent hasn't managed to sell your book(s)
  • the agent keeps rejecting your new book ideas / is very critical of your books
  • the agent doesn't return your emails/phone calls
  • you don't feel very supported by your agent or that you're important to them
  • you're afraid of your agent and are loath to contact them
  • etc etc etc

So, if anyone reading this is thinking about firing their agent and finding a new one here's a good post on the subject from Bookends Lit Agency:



Debs said...

Interesting post and good points made.

I need to find an agent first though, that's hard enough. I should think it's easier to get rid of a husband than an agent, or is that just me.

KAREN said...

I'd love to have an agent to fire. Sigh.

ChrisH said...

I'm with Debs on this one! Good post but still in the Would Love To Have an Agent to Fire camp! ( If She Who is Currently In Possession of My T/s is reading this - no! Not you! I'm sure you are far too good to fire!)