Thursday, 19 June 2008

How do you know you're a writer?

The title of this post is a search query that ended up on my blog so I thought I'd answer it in case they ever come back.

I think you're a writer when...
  • you love what you're writing one second and despise it with every bone in your body the second
  • you get rejected and rejected and rejected and you keep on writing
  • you have a new experience half of you is enjoying the experience the other half is thinking 'Could I use this in a story?'
  • you have ideas for stories when you're falling asleep and you'd rather wake yourself to write them down rather than drift off
  • your friends say 'and I thought you were supposed to be the writer' when they beat you at Scrabble
  • you read a really, really good book and half of you says "That was amazing" and the other half says "Bitch/Bastard, I hate you!" about the writer
  • you find yourself thinking about your characters as though they were real
  • what you write makes you cry/laugh (and not because it's bad!)
  • you'd rather cancel a social engagement than risk breaking the spell when bitten by the (rare) 'I can't stop writing now, it's just flowing out of me' bug
  • you pick up on small things in a social situations and file them away. You notice the unusual hat someone is wearing, their odd speech inflection or their strange little mannerisms and think "I could use that for a character"
  • you have a book on your bookcase that you think is really badly written but you don't throw it away because every time you feel crap about your own writing reading the rubbish book makes you feel better
  • you think about giving up writing all the time but you just can't
  • you wish you'd started years ago

Can you think of any more?


Jumbly Girl said...

Fantastic Calistro, they all rang so true - especially the last one! I try to not have any regrets but so many times I think why didn't I do this ten or fifteen years ago. Still I suppose its better to feel that way now than in another ten years time

A. Writer said...

That's absolutely spot on! I was nodding all the way through reading that post!

kallioppe said...

That was really good and spot on. It makes me wonder (not for the first time) if writers are prone to multiple personality disorders. There is so much half doing this/half doing that going on. As in conversations, where part of me is in the background sort of listening and floating above my head, while the other part is actively making notes. And I can be in social settings, at a bar or a restaurant and never fully there. Is that natural? Hmm.

KAREN said...

You can't stop reading other writers' blogs ;o)

I so relate to the last one!