Thursday, 5 June 2008

I swapped the dog for a bottle of Baileys!

Actually my sister came to get her and gave me a bottle of Baileys and a gorgeous stone pot/box from Kenya (I love boxes and pots and have a small collection) to say thank you.

I don't normally drink Baileys in the summer (to me it's a Christmas drink!) but I was so desperate for some chocolate the other night I had a glass as it was the only sweet thing in the flat. And very nice it was too. Am thinking Bailey's flavoured milkshakes with lots of ice would be lovely the next time the sun comes out (assuming it's after midday and I'm not working of course!).

I thought I'd miss the dog tons...and I did for a few hours...but the realisation the next morning that I wouldn't have to scoop any more poop or have my knee or arm nudged every few minutes whilst trying to work from home soon put an end to that! I still want a dog, but a much lazier dog that's not quite so emotionally needy!

The good news is I managed to get another story in for my Story A Fortnight group so very pleased with that (especially considering I had no idea what I was going to write about until the very last minute!).

The bad news is I haven't done any work on novel #2 since last week. Eeek! Still, there's not much I can do about that at the moment because I'm back off on holiday this weekend. Yeah!!!

The next time you hear from me I'll be back from the South of France (unless I can text a photo to my blog that is).

See you on the other side.


JJ said...

"I still want a dog, but a much lazier dog that's not quite so emotionally needy!"

How about a cat then?

Quillers said...

Oh I'm so jealous about the Baileys. It is lovely with ice in it (or you could get some Baileys Haagan Das).

Dogs are needy, aren't they? The Westies are just as demanding, but I've learned to work around it and at least they have each other to play with.

Caroline said...

Have a good holiday, honey

Yvonne said...

Have a fantastic holiday!

KAREN said...

Dogs are very tying when it comes to holidays, I must admit! Have a lovely time :o)

A. Writer said...

Hope you have a lovely holiday!

Ah, Baileys... YUM!

I agree with JJ. A cat is the way to go. Cats come to you when they want attention but are perfectly happy on their own. So independent.

Debs said...

Glad you've got your peace back and the added bonus of the Baileys.

Lucky you going on holiday, hope you have a wonderful time.

Calistro said...

I'm allergic to cats :o(

L-Plate Author said...

Me too, let's hear it for the dogs!

Have a great break, hope the weather is fantasticce x

womagwriter said...

Try this - bowl of strawberry frozen yogurt, with Baileys poured over it, and some grated dark chocolate sprinkled on the top.


And have a great holiday!