Tuesday, 24 June 2008


Victoria park, London.


A. Writer said...

I know someone who is going to Manchester on the 29th to see them.

Were they any good? Or is that a daft question? ;)

Calistro said...

A.Writer - I hate to say it but they were a bit of a disappointment and I'd been soooooo looking forward to it :o(

Radiohead have 6 albums and I've got 4 of them. Kid A and Amnesiac I didn't buy because I wasn't that keen on the whole electronica thing they were getting into. Unfortunately 95% of last night's gig was those 2 albums plus the new one, In Rainbows which, whilst enjoyable isn't exactly a classic. I was DYING to hear some of the old favourites like Karma Police or Paranoid Android but they only played THREE songs from their first 3 albums - Just (The Bends), AirBag (Ok Computer) and, er, another that I've forgotten.

I had really high hopes for the gig because the boyf said that when he saw them 4 years ago they played all the hits and it was an amazing gig.

Hmmm. Typical!

I'd definitely go and see them again but I did feel a bit short changed this time.

(Hope your friend really likes the Kid A and Amnesiac albums!)

A. Writer said...

Thanks for that. He's really looking forward to seeing them as he's never seen them before. I'm not sure which albums he likes but I don't think I'll tell him about your review! lol!

Not a fan myself but I do like Karma Police.

Calistro said...

A.Writer - probably best not. Let him go and see them with an open mind!