Monday, 14 July 2008

25% at last!

On a bit of a roll tonight.

I wrote 853 words (the most I've written in one sitting since joining the Hundred Words a Day blog) and finally, finally I've hit 25% of novel #2 written.

The chapter I'm writing at the moment is setting the scene for 'the big thing' that happens in this novel and I actually really, really enjoyed my writing session today. Hallelujah for these moments (as opposed to the 'why the hell did I start writing this novel in the first place?' moments that seem to occur far more frequently). Let's hope there's some more of them to come!

On the downside I haven't even come up with an idea for my Story a Fortnight story yet never mind started it and it has to be in by 8pm tomorrow. Oh dear. Am hoping the story fairies will give me an idea while I sleep tonight!


20,092 / 80,000 words (25.1% of novel #2 first draft written).


Lane said...

Well done! 25%! A quarter!

That means you'll soon be half way!:-)

Yvonne said...

Congratulations! I love those moments, they are few and far between for me too.

Tam said...

After 25%, I aim for a third - it seems much more achievable than 50%

Well done on getting so far. I know it hasn't been easy but you've stuck with it :-)

B said...

well done on hitting 25%! :)

Paige said...

You are doing so well! Well done!