Sunday, 13 July 2008

Novel Racers, Carpets and Words

Spent a wonderful six hours with some of the Novel Racers this afternoon*. I was expecting to see lots of familiar faces after the Manchester meet but actually ending up meeting more new people than old people. Not that I'm calling any of you know what I mean! It was lovely to spend time with you all. And Caroline, Liz, Clare, Mel, Ellie, Juliette and everyone else who couldn't make it, you were missed.

Thanks to everyone who listened to me whinge on about my moving nightmare (particularly as I'm starting to bore myself on the subject now!) and thanks to Kate for listening to me whinge on about my writing trials and tribulations, SpiralSkies for calling me glamorous (you made my day. Tho' I do think you need your eyes testing!), to Zinnia for making a lovely speech (it was really touching), JJ and Paige for sorting out the card and pressie business, Kate and Lucy for starting the Novel Racers and Captain Black for navigating tube hell with me! I definitely wouldn't have finished novel #1 last year without the group - or started novel #2. So thank you everyone.

Was gutted I had to leave to attend to carpet pulling up duties. How crap. I successfully managed to put that off until 10pm (got home at 8pm) and two hours later, covered in dust and bits of malting underlay, I managed to squeeze it into two black bin bags and sweep up. I now have wooden floor which the previous owner decided to paint green for some reason?! Roll on a week on Monday when 'all' I have to do is drag the wardrobe, a chest of drawers, two bookshelves and a bed (which I'll need to dismantle) into my pocket-sized living room so the carpet layer can do his job!

Tomorrow I'm up early (for me) at 9am so my sister can help me take the carpet, underlay, an defunct airwalker (an exercise thingy that squeaks badly and has lived in my wardrobe for the last 2 years!), a rusty push mower, planks from a rotten bench in the garden and various random bits of wood to the dump! Hooray for sisters with cars!

Then I'm off to B&Q to get a flymo, a v. long extension lead and some plants and will attempt to 'do a ground force' on my garden to make it look low maintenance (as ordered suggested by the letting agent!).

To top off my busy day today I managed a couple of hundred words of novel #2! Sarah*G* you were right about feeling inspired after the meet. I feel much more enthusiastic about novel #2 now. Just 700 and something more words and I'll have hit 25% done. So that's my plan for tomorrow. Do dump (oops, that sounds rude!), do garden, then do novel. Then on Monday I can write my Story A Fortnight story with a clear conscience.


* No photos from me this time but there are some in existence. Eeek!


Debs said...

The meet sounds great fun although your carpet pulling ghastly, I don't envy you having to do that.

At least the weather seems better for your garden makeover, I'm sure it will be lovely by the end of the day.

L-Plate Author said...

So glad you enjoyed it Calistro and that you got home safely. I missed it too, although I was there in spirit!

Let's hope it's not too long for the next one. x

Lane said...

Lovely to meet you and sorry for spilling coffee all over you:-(

Glad you got the carpet disposed of!

womagwriter said...

Sounds like a busy but productive weekend!

Sarah*G* said...

Was lovely to meet you again. Sounds like you have had a really busy weekend. You'll be glad for a rest. I am too but I am raring to go for a write. I am going to force myself to have an early night though as I spent all afternoon walking along the Thames!

Calistro said...

Debs - It was a close thing but the weather held for the gardening. Hooray!

LPlate - I suggest to Beth that we hold the next meeting Newcastle (as I was a student there and am dying to go back). Not sure if many people would be able to make it though ;o)

Lane - I had to throw my coat away because of you! Just kidding. It's absolutely fine :o) Lovely to meet you.

Womag - It has been. Am almost (but not quite) looking forward to Monday for a rest!

Sarah - The walk along the Thames sounds lovely. Was it sunny?

Paige said...

I have to agree with you about Zinnia's speech. It made me feel a bit emotional - the fact that we're there for everyone be it writing problems or personal problems!
It was a great day and so lovely to see you again! And I agree with Spiral - you are glamorous! ;)

Sarah*G* said...

It was a glorious day. I had never been down by the Thames. Lovely afternoon.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Awww, thanks Cal (and Paige!). It was a good day, wasn't it? Hope all the moving larks are going well.