Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Thank you all so much...

...for all your wonderful comments in reply to my last post. You all made the moment even more special that it already was. It would take me forever to reply to all the comments but I did read and cherish every single one. Thank you.

Sometimes having a blog bugs me and feels like a bit of a (virtual) weight around my neck. At other times, like Monday, it feels like the best thing in the world and I'm so glad I started it as I've now got a permanent (or as permanent as the web can be) record of my attempt (I hate the word 'journey') to become a published author.

So how do I follow up a post like the last one?

With a bit of a whimper really.

I don't have much to report apart from the fact I've been frantically scribbling a new outline for book two (yes, this would be my third idea for book two if you count the 20,000 words I wrote of idea 1!). I feel sorry for my agent. Just when she thinks I've sent her my 'definite, definite' idea for book two I go and send her another one!

I blame her.

She told me that book 2 needs to be 'even better' than book 1, so she's indirectly responsible for my frenzied attempts at meeting that standard.

I have to keep reminding myself that I was never 100% sure what I was doing with novel 1 and had no idea whether or not the story would work so mustn't put too much pressure on myself to come up with the 'perfect idea' for book 2. That said, having already written and ditched 20,000 words of my first attempt at book 2 I certainly don't want to make that kind of mistake again! I want to get it right.

The good thing about idea 3 is that it's already very visual in my head. One of the tips I once read on plotting a novel is to see it in your head, like you're watching a film. I pretty much lived in the film version of novel 1 while I was writing it so I think it's a good sign that I can already 'see' a lot of the locations and characters in idea 3.

Of course my agent hasn't actually replied to my email about idea 3 so she may hate it for all I know.

Or maybe she'll tell me she likes idea 2 best (which would be disappointing because I'm pretty sold on idea 3 now!).

Either way I know she's going to be talking to my editor about book 2 tomorrow.

Ah, the waiting and nerves don't stop do they?

p.s. A little coffee break tale of mine is out in My Weekly, now!


JJ said...

I think it's a bit like having a baby: I remember the realisation dawning on me that it wasn't about the pregnancy, or even having the baby... OMG, it's about what happens afterwards and that hadn't occurred to me before!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to sharing news of the 'journey' with you.

(Thanks for the offer on mine, C, I'll be in touch soon.)

Tam said...

I think the pressure just keeps on growing, which is why some people only manage one book!

Good luck today in the talks :-)

DOT said...

I am a little late to offer my congratulations, but then I am an attention seeker and don't like to be just one of the crowd.

Nonetheless I am mightily impressed. Well done!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

No, the waiting and the nerves don't stop. But just think: YOUR AGENT and YOUR EDITOR are talking about YOUR IDEAS, how cool is that?!

SueG said...

A teacher/editor of mine who was working with me on book 1 (Tangled Roots) asked me what my next book was going to be. I gave her a couple of ideas, and then she yelled at me saying "don't waste my time with this stuff. Only write something because you have to, because it's in your heart, not because you think it's a good idea." I must say, I took that to heart and am now in the middle of the 1st draft of book 2 --a book with themes very close to my heart. BUT is it more marketable than book 1? Will it be even better? Scary. Is this all helpful? Probably not :-), but you're not alone. And again, congrats!!!!

Debs said...

I've read your story in My Weekly, it was great. What a brilliant week you've had.

Kate Lord Brown said...

No, the waiting and nerves don't stop - maybe that's what drives us on? As a writer who has just finally crossed the 'sign with an agent' line, now facing the uphill struggle to find a publisher stories like yours and Caroline's are so inspiring and so much appreciated - hang on in there!