Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Win a FREE edit/critique of your novel!

Have you written a novel? Want a free critique/edit in time for Christmas? Check out the fantastic competition below (the company running it, Bubblecow, was set up by one of my writer friends Caroline Smailes so I can vouch for the quality of the critique/edit you could win).

Here's what Caroline says on her site:

"In honour of the credit crunching times and to wish those who are often faithful seasonal joy, BubbleCow is offering a free in-depth edit and report to one lucky individual, drawn randomly (but always fairly) from the BubbleCow-Christmas-stocking.

On December 01 2008, one entry will be drawn from the BubbleCow-Christmas-stocking and an in-depth edit of a manuscript (up to 100,000 words) (worth £500) will be completed before Christmas.

This edit and report will be free of charge and is BubbleCow's way of spreading the Christmas love.

To enter the stocking draw for the free edit:

1. Simply email by midnight GMT November 30 2008.

2. To avoid being spam, the subject line of your email should read ‘I love Christmas'.

3. Within the email, confirm your name, your manuscript’s final word count and title.

4. The winner will be announced on December 01 2008 and informed by email.

5. The winner then has five days to email the manuscript to BubbleCow.

6. The in-depth edit and report will be completed before Christmas.

7. The rules and details can be found HERE.

8. It is all rather simple.

And, in case you’re currently making a list of all the things that you’d like for Christmas, check out the BubbleCow Christmas gift ideas for writers."

I so LOVE these badges (and if I ever get to do a book signing I'm so wearing "I'm a writer" and "Please buy my book" because, from what I've read of most book signings, the book browsers just tend to stare at you like you've just beamed down from outer space!)


Caroline said...

Thanks honey!

And you so will have to do book signings! I have space on my special signed-books-shelf that needs a Cal novel (how exciting!!!!)

I want the 'My friend writes books' badges to give to everyone I know. Walking and talking PR! :) x

Gonna be a writer said...

Love the badges and the idea of the free critique. Sadly my book is back in the editing stage so isn't the finished product. Which only goes to prove that I should have got on with it earlier.

Quillers said...

The badges are great!

I did a book signing once with the lovely Sue Houghton for a 'Sexy Shorts' anthology. One bloke - one of only three customers who came i that day - came up to us, asking 'What's the secret to being a successful writer?' I replied 'If we knew that there'd be a bigger queue behind you'

(BTW my blog is down, moving to a new domain name Hopefully it will be back up on that url tomorrow ...

Annie Wicking said...

I love those badges... I shall be buying them to wear with pride.

Great news about your book, I hope all goes well.

Best wishes


Annie Wicking said...
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Jumbly Girl said...

Thanks Cal that is such a fab idea from Bubblecow and just about fits into my schedule ie I should have an almost there version (by which I mean a re-draft that I'm not too scared to allow a complete stranger to view) of my novel ready by the beginning of December - I'm going to get my name in the hat!