Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Writers' Rooms - one for the voyeurs amongst us!

Are you curious about where other writers write? Want a peek into their rooms? Go here:


(link 'borrowed' from Scott Pack)

Fascinating stuff!

Seeing some of those rooms makes me want to ring up everyone who's every accused me of being messy so I can say, "You think I'm messy, look at THAT!"

And the writer with all the yellow post it notes on the wall - WOW! That's some serious plotting (at least that's what I assume it's for).

Hmmm...maybe I should get in touch with the photographer to offer him my a shot of my 'basement-like' writing room (although he'd probably say no because I'm not famous). Okay so it's not a basement (it's my bedroom) but my desk is wedged up against my bed and there isn't enough room to swing a mouse!


Lane said...

Ooh I love that! All the rooms (apart from the squalid one) are huge. Naipaul's is pretty weird though. So sparse!

I wonder if they'd be interested in my makeshift desk made from boxes:-)

Debs said...

That was indeed fascinating, although the one with the post-it notes looks so organized. Makes me think I should have a bit of a tidy up in my shed.

Captain Black said...

There are some very dangerous practises going on in some of these rooms. Did you spot the disabled smoke alarm? And what about the one with the gun on the desk!

SueG said...

Absolutely fascinating! Thanks so much for this!

Calistro said...

Lane - I know, weird wasn't it. I don't trust minimalist people (but then I am a 'bit' messy myself!)

Debs - The one with the post-it notes looked a bit OCD I thought!

Captain - I didn't spot any of those things. You're very observant. Although you didn't mention the handcuffs on a table in Ian Rankin's room!

Sue - My pleasure!

Theatrefolk said...

I love seeing where writers do their thing. Should I be worried my space doesn't look like theirs? Hmmmm.