Friday, 30 January 2009

Everyone can write a book, can't they?

Was just alerted to this and found it very amusing:

Almost makes me want to tell taxi drivers that I'm a writer just to see if the conversation ends up being like that one.

Incidentally I always talk about my day job when they ask what I do for a living. It almost always silences them because

a) no one outside my field really understands what it is that I do
b) it's a really quite boring topic of conversation

One thing I won't be asking taxi drivers again is, "How's business at the moment?" I asked that the other day and then had to endure a 20 minute rant about the economy, the Government and "Gordon ******* Brown". The only time he drew breath was when he parked outside my flat and told me the fare!

p.s. There are some other good articles on that site so check them out when you've finished smiling ruefully.


JJ said...

I suppose that's one good thing about Thai taxi drivers... they can't rant on at you about the recession.

Hmmm, there is of course the small problem of communicating where you want to go, though.

Debs said...

I would bore anyone rigid if I spoke about my job, it's so dull.

I'll go and have a look at the link now, thanks.

Jumbly Girl said...

Thanks for the link Cally - got my day off with a smile.

I was stuck in a London taxi with a driver who got lost a couple of months ago - I thought they weren't supposed to do that, what with 'the knowledge' and all. Conversation turned to his depression and how much he hated his job, at which point I went very quiet. Got me to my destination in the end but oh so scary - hey maybe there's a story in it :o)

Vodka Mom said...

just here to say good morning!

Lily Sheehan said...

You should tell them you're are a taxi driver and then chew their ear off for the entire journey. Thanks for the site link too.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think anyone can do anything*, if they put their mind to it. The trouble is, there are plenty of people in today's world who think they can do anything without putting their mind to it.

I would never argue with a taxi driver. They are all expert authorities on all subjects. Especially stereotyping ;o)

* Or have a bloomin' good go at it.

Tam said...

I think people can do anything badly, if that's any help??

Paige said...

Taxi drivers... don't you just love them!

I remember one time getting a taxi driver telling me all about the birthday present he was buying his girlfriend, sexy lingerie. That was probably the weird taxi ride home, ever!

KAREN said...

That's a very funny post! I tend to stick to comments about the weather if I ever get into a taxi!