Thursday, 29 January 2009

Slowly, slowly, not catchy monkey

Progress on the novel is still slow, or at least slower than I'd like. My social life is conspiring against me hitting the 26,000 word target I set myself for the end of January but I have just hit 22,500 words which is 25% of my first draft so that's something. And I've still got two days left to add a few more words.

So where were we?

Oh yes, a week ago I promised I'd write something about the Flash Fiction event I went to in Brighton with Leigh. It was above a pub, near St James St, Brighton and Leigh and I arrived in plenty of time. So much time in fact that we managed to grab a drink and a table to have a bit of a gossip catch-up before we were allowed upstairs.

The venue itself was perfect - small and dark enough to be intimate (not with Leigh, that would be wrong ;o)), but big enough to fit a good 30 or so people. There was a raised stage at one end with a microphone and stand, and a projector screen behind it. The MC for the night briefly introduced the event, then read out two stories from authors that couldn't be there (she wasn't best pleased about that, but her annoyance made us all laugh) and then introduced the authors that were actually there.

So what did we hear? I'm struggling to remember now...ehr..oh yes, there was the funny piece read by an American man about a character who buys a T-shirt with the slogan "Drinking for Jesus" and the extremes he goes to to do things 'for Jesus', then there was the story about a David Bellamy style observer watching animals/people copulating (I got a bit lost but Leigh seemed to find it amusing) and then there was the woman who read a story about a male character't remember. Anyway, each story was accompanied by an image or photograph, projected behind them, that had been designed specifically for their story.

And then there was a break, and then some more stories and all in all the whole thing was over in an hour and a half. Both Leigh and I commented that we wouldn't have liked to hear even more stories. There's something very mellow about being read to, it reminds you of childhood (if you were lucky enough to be read to as a kid). One of my friends called it "Jackanory for adults" when I described the night to him and I think that just about sums it up. It was also a very friendly place to be and Leigh and I got into conversation with a man who was keen to give us all the gossip about the event!

Anyway, we're definitely going again so if anyone is in the East Sussex area (or visiting) and fancies going to the next one (in Feb hopefully) just let me know. Oh yeah and I'm far to0 chicken to submit or read out any of my own flash fiction but we'll see - maybe after I've been a few more times (would reading drunk be such a bad idea?).

So what else?

After months of wondering "Is it worth it?" I've signed up for Twitter. As far as I can tell it's a bit like the Facebook updates but famous people do it too so now I'm signed up to received Stephen Fry and Johnathan Ross's 'twitters' (how the other half live and all that) as well as some fellow bloggers. You can see my own twitters in the sidebar of this blog (on the right hand side) and can 'follow me' by clicking on the link below them if you want. Oh and thanks to SpiralSkies I now have a cool little widget on my desktop that makes a pinging noise and shows me any new twitters that people have posted. So yes, another distraction from writing but what can you do...

I may, or may not, be going to India for work next month so I've ordered myself a Samsung Netbook so I can write while I'm away/on the plane. I can't afford to let my word count slip anymore than it already has! Looking forward to receiving what I hope is a dinky little laptop, instead of the monstrosity I currently use.

In other news my sister recently commented on the 'comedy blunders' that are occurring more and more regularly in my life and said 'oh well it's all potential material for your books I suppose'. She has no idea how right she is ;o)

word count: 22,501 / 90,000 (25%)

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Captain Black said...

I've often wondered what the definition of flash fiction is. When does it stop being flash and become a short story? Is it when a particular word count is reached, or is it more to do with structure and content?

I wouldn't worry about your word count. You've written quarter of a book in only a month! I've been thrashing and floundering about with my projects for years.

I'm interested to hear your verdict on the new netbook. I'm thinking of getting something like that myself, but I need to get a job first.

What comedy blunders? Do tell.