Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny... Netbook!

Yep, it's arrived! And SO much smaller than I'd imagined too. Here's a photo of my 'normal' (17" wide screen) laptop and my new Samsung NC10 10.2-inch Netbook. Please excuse the messiness that is my desk!

It's like a mini-me of my normal laptop and SOOOO light!

I've already installed YWriter on it so now, in theory, I can work on my novel on either laptop - as long as I remember to transfer the files via a flash pen.

The only downsides I can see so far are the fact that the Netbook doesn't have a CDROM drive (I've just ordered an external USB DVD/CD drive via Amazon so I can install Windows Office) and the fact that the shift key on the right hand side of the keyboard is that bit further away than normal so when I try to type a capital letter beginning with a,w,e etc it turns out as \a or \e because I'm only stretching far enough to hit the '\' key (which is where the shift key is on my big laptop). I'm sure I'll get used to it in time though.

The other thing I need to get used to is the fact that the button under the touchpad is really thin and therefore a bit fiddly. It's only one button as well, unlike the two on my big laptop, so I have to find alternate ways to do things that normally require a click of the right button. Mind you I can plug a USB mouse in so that's one way of getting around things.

All in all though I'm really pleased. I was worried that the keyboard would be too small to touch type but it's absolutely fine and I don't have tiny fingers! The font size is fine too - no problems there - and I haven't encountered any websites I can't read or navigate (despite the small screen size).

According to the various reviews I've read the Netbook has a good 7 hours battery life when charged so that's perfect for writing my novel or surfing the web on a train or plane journey or in a cafe or the garden (I'm already dreaming of sunnier weather!) .

So there you go - that's a Calistro thumbs up for the Samsung Netbook. Guess I've got no excuse not to get on with writing novel 2 then. Talking of which...

26,098 / 90,000 (29% of novel written)


Melissa Marsh said...

Hmm. I like the looks of that little notebook. I tried using an Alpha Smart, but I hated the small screen and the archaic-looking letters.

Now if they could only make a laptop keyboard that's ergonomic, I'd be good to go.

HelenMHunt said...

Ooh, it looks lovely. I'm jealous.

Queenie said...

I've got an IBM ThinkPad which has a similar spec, and I love it, especially the battery life - particularly useful when travelling. Or just dossing on the sofa and too lazy to plug in!

Debs said...

Snap, that's the same as my new one. I love it, and took no time at all to get used to it, although I do get a little confused with the mousepad.

I've no idea what YWriter is, so am going to have to go and look this up now.

Lane said...

So nice! And I'm impressed with the battery life.

I must download Ywriter again. I had it before my laptop combusted and never re-installed. Thanks for the reminder:-)

Vodka Mom said...

now go get cracking!!!

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Wow, that IS cute. I want one. Well done on the word count.

Captain Black said...

Looks great. I'm thinking of getting one, though I'm not sure about the unusual keyboard, I'd want to avoid RSI at all costs. My friend has it and it's not funny. Plus, I always use a plug-in mouse; can't stand those touch pads.

I gave YWriter a trial some time ago, recommended by Sarah*G* (I think), but I didn't like it. I liked the idea of organising by scenes - which I do using my current tools - but YWriter didn't seem to recognise my "***" breaks. That and the silly small window panes it uses were enough to annoy me away from it. Mind you, I hate it much less than I hate MS Word!

Novel #2 is going really well, by the sounds of things. Now you can write while snowboarding down the hill. Maybe not.

Juliette M said...

This is really useful Cal. I'm ordering the blue version this month so the size comparison and your review is really helpful to me and well timed.

It doesnt come with MS Word on Windows already? How irritating. Hmm. I may have to invest in external cd drive too.

We shall compare netbook notes I am sure :) Please also do tell what is this YWriter thing?

KAREN said...

Ooh, lovely netbook. I'm still thrilled with my little Acer :o)

You've reminded me about Ywriter too - I need to get it up and running toot sweet!