Saturday, 7 February 2009

New Newsy News Type Stuff

I'm Tracy McDonut and here is the writing news in brief....


The title of Book 1 has changed. It's now officially called XXXXX [edited to remove title as was making this blog google-able] What do you think? Like it? Don't tell me if you hate it for the love of God. I'm still trying to get my head around it. And remember it. How weird is it that I keep forgetting the title of my own book?!

If you've pre-ordered on Amazon under the old title don't worry your order still stands and you'll get the newly titled book (apparently the ISBN is set in stone so the Amazon page won't change if the book title changes).


My publisher has released the name of book 2 to the press (well, The Bookseller) and I'm still writing it. That's a bit freaky.


Yesterday my agent let me know that the next set of edits I'll be getting for Book 1 will be the copy editor's edits. This means that my edits got past my editor. Hooray! Am now getting nervous about how nit picky the copy editor is and hope she doesn't spot anything that requires massive amounts of re-writing.


Still no news on the book cover. Mind you the new title has only just been agreed so am not surprised.


My agent asked me to send my edited manuscript for Book 1 to her because there has been "some film interest" and she needs to send it to her script agent in LA. Funnily enough I am not squeeeeeeeeeeee-ing and running around the room because...

a) I know only about 0.01% of books become films
b) And even if they do the film doesn't come out until about 5 squillion years after the book
c) Your book can be optioned and the film can still fall through
d) 'interest' does not equal 'film' - it's just someone being vaguely interested, probably in a 'flick through this then put it in the bin' kind of way
e) I've known other people who've talked about interest in their book/screenplay and nothing has ever happened

... but I DO love the idea that there's a script agent in LA. I imagine him in a hat tipped forward over his eyes, velvet jacket, smoking a cigar, his feet up on the table and a hot line to Tom Cruise.


Agent also asked for a one paragraph summary of Book 2 and I didn't ask why (I think I may be a very low maintenance author)


Only 3,000 more words and I'll have written a third of the first draft of novel 2


My ticket to the Romantic Novelists Association lunch/awards thingy just arrived in the post. I'll be sitting with Liz Fenwick and my agent. Very exciting! :o)


This is the end of the new newsy news type stuff. Hope you're all having a good weekend.

Novel 2 word count: 27,057 / 90,000 (30.1%)


Debs said...

Well I'd certainly be squeeeing all around the room. That's brilliant news.

I love the title of Book 1 too, I can't wait to read it.

I'm also going to the RNA lunch, but not idea who I'm sitting with as I didn't request anyone in particular. It will be great to actually meet you in person.

Bernadette said...

Wow, that all sounds so great. And a film deal has to start with interest, doesn't it?

How has your head not exploded?

HelenMHunt said...

This is all such exciting stuff. I like the new title.

JJ said...

Oooh, that's all fabulous. I am terribly jealous that you're going to the RNA lunch... It was a bit far to come, though.

And I love the title.

liz fenwick said...

Love the new title and can't wait to see you on Tuesday!!!!!

KAREN said...

That's the kind of news I like hearing - not the credit-crunchy, doom and gloom stuff!! Great stuff, I'm so excited for you :o))

(word verification was 'lighter' !)

Paige said...

Love the new title! (and thanks for putting my mind at rest about the pre-ordered book! I did wonder!)

I'm so excited for you! All this news! It's all going well! Like bernadette says film deals have to start with interest!! Remember us when you're walking down the red carpet to the film's premier! ;)

Can't wait to hear all about the RNA lunch/Awards thingy. SO jealous!lol

KAREN said...

Meant to say, I love the new title although I liked yours too :o)

womagwriter said...

Thanks for all the news! Good title, though I did like the original as well. I'll still buy it!

Amanda said...

WOW - All so exciting!
And I love the title!

KayJay said...

I love the new title, actually. I liked the old one too - a lot - but I think the new one is perhaps a bit more commercial, and that's what we want now - SALES!!!

All so exciting for you.

Sarah*G* said...

Bing Bong! What a lot of news Cally. I like the new title and am looking forward to getting mine in the mail and then pestering you to sign it!
You have every right to do a little 'squeeing' at the LA interest. Even if nothing were to come of it, I think it is REALLY positive and very exciting. I do like living vicariously through people!
Have a good time at the RNA lunch.

ChrisH said...

Very exciting news on all fronts.

Leigh said...

And when is the book launch going to be; I might need to organise a holiday around it ;-)

Gonna be a writer said...


SpiralSkies said...

Good point Leigh - a book launch in Brighton? That would be awesome: consider me there!

I think I like the new title - but I liked the old one too. The new one sounds more chick-litty and yes, more commercial. SO that's got to be a good thing.

Crumbs, all this exciting news os positively giddy-fying!

Tam said...

So, so exciting! I'd be squeaking very loudly if it was me...

Pat Posner said...

I'm squeeeing for you, Cally. Brilliant news.

Anonymous said...

I really liked the original title but the new one is good too. Do you know why it changed, after marketing and promotion are already out?

Good going on book two. What's the title going to be?

Couldn't find the verb squeee in my new OED. What does that mean?

septembermom said...

How exciting! Thank you for sharing all this excitement with us. So many of us haven't even begun the writing process, but we all gain so much hope that maybe we could have similar success some day.


Juliette M said...

Oh I cannot see the new title :( Could you email it to me please Cal?

Lots of marvellous news, congratulations!

Fionnuala said...

I tried to comment yesterday but it wouldn't let me. Anyway just wanted to let you know I'm still squealing for you.....Fx