Friday, 6 February 2009

Remembering Lisa

This morning I woke up to the news that a fellow writer, and member of the Novel Racers, passed away yesterday afternoon.

I only met Lisa once - at the Novel Racers meet in Manchester last year - but I was a regular follower of her blog Hesitant Scribe and greatly admired her determination, her strength of spirit and her passion.

The blog world feels quiet today, now it's lost such a unique voice, but Lisa left all writers a great gift at the end of her final blog post. She wrote, "Writers...write!"

In 2006 I lost a very dear friend. She was only 33 and had her whole life ahead of her. I'd never lost anyone so young before and her death hit me hard. I felt like my world, and my understanding of life, had been turned upside down. But she too gave me a gift. She taught me that life is short and that we have to chase our dreams while we can.

That's why, several months later, I sat down and wrote the first draft of novel 1 in just under four months. It's so easy to procrastinate, to make excuses, to let life get in the way but if you want something, if you really, really want something you have to chase after it like there is no tomorrow. Because sometimes there is no tomorrow.

As I read Lisa's last few blog postings I realised that I'd been taking life for granted, that I was letting the little things bring me down and looking to the future instead of enjoying the moment. What I should have been doing was relishing the fact that I was young, healthy...and alive.

Lisa reminded me that life is to be cherished, not wished away and for that I thank her.

If you'd like to make a donation to Cancer Research in Lisa's memory please do so here.


Paige said...

Well said. Her words 'Writers...write!' will stay with me for such a long time.

Debs said...

She was such an inspiration to me too, and her strength was admirable.

Reading her posts certainly made me think and give myself a mental talking to to stop being miserable/procrastinating, etc and get on with my writing.

Lane said...

Absolutely. I think her drive and tenacity has given us all a kick up the proverbial. She'd be pleased:-)

KAREN said...

It's so sad, and really does put things in perspective. We absolutely need need to get on with the things we love doing while we can.

Tam said...

So sad. I'm going to miss her blog but she reminded me that life will not wait for me and I have to run if I want to keep up.


HelenMHunt said...

Absolutely. None of us really have any excuse not to get on with it do we? Something like this reminds me that the things I whinge about on a daily basis are absolutely nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Don't get it right, get it written."
"Murder your darlings."
"Avoid clich├ęs like the plague."
"Writers... write!"

Lisa spoke like a true writer.

Gonna be a writer said...

I am so sorry for your loss Cal. Be grateful that you knew her and remember her fondly.Something like this teaches us what is really important and also that life is precious and for living. I would also endorse your plea to donate to Cancer Research. They do really important work.
Take care.

Zinnia Cyclamen said...

Thanks for this lovely post, Cally. Lisa left us a wonderful legacy in her blog, and I'll be going back there regularly for dollops of inspiration.

liz fenwick said...

Wonderful post. She will be missed.

womagwriter said...

Sorry to hear this news - I'd come across her though wasn't a regular follower of her blog. Far, far too young to go. Yes, there is no better advice than to seize the day.