Tuesday, 3 March 2009

"Twitter Titters" for Comic Relief - on sale NOW!

TwitterTitters - "A tweetin’ hilarious collection of new comedy writing, selected to raise money for Comic Relief"- is on sale now!

Includes foreword by Chelsey: OMG! Writer Nat Coombs and exclusive new writing by Phoenix Nights co-creator Dave Spikey.

Also a story by me! (page 95)

And one by Lane (page 107)

Please buy a copy, have a giggle and raise money for Comic Relief in the process.

And if you're on Twitter you can follow Twitter Titters and get the latest news here


Yummy Mammy said...

Good luck with this. It's such a worthwhile charity and Dave Spikey is fab too xx

Lane said...

I'm page 107:-)

Like your title and looking forward to reading it!

Debs said...

I'll definately have to buy a copy now, how exciting.

pierre l said...

Great story Cally. Well done. Being greedy, I bought the download and a printed copy.

HelenMHunt said...

Brilliant. WIll definitely get it since you're both in it x

Maddie Moon said...

Well done to you and Lane. Will definitely pick up a copy.

Calistro said...

Thank you all for saying you'll buy a copy. It's all for charidee! :o)

Pierre - You were quick off the mark with the download. I was tempted to do that so I could read all the other stories asap but couldn't resist getting a copy for my shelf.

Fionnuala said...

This is on my to buy list! My pal Deborah from Writewords also has a story in it. Well done to you and Lane too! Fx