Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Two years worth of writing links

I've added quite a lot of writing links to this blog over the past 2 years and thought it would be a good idea to put them all in the same place (mostly so I can find them!) but thought some of my more recent readers might find them useful too you are...

The writing links I've found most useful

1. Plot

i) What to do if your plot gets stuck -

ii) Creating a plot outline -

iii) The 3 Act Structure -

iv) Narrative tension -

v) Tips for adding tension to your novel -

vi) The Hero’s journey -

vii) How powerful is your novel? -

2. Writing encouragement

i) The secret of writing success -

ii) Even hugely successful chicklit authors like Jennifer Weiner have been rejected -

iii) Jasper Fforde, rejected 76 times over 10 years -

iv) Write as though you’ve got a gun to your head -

3. Agents/Editors

i) What they want -

ii) When should you fire your agent? -

iii) When agents ask for revisions but don’t offer representation -

iv) Do agents look at wannabe author’s websites? -

v) BBC website on how to lay out a novel for submission to an agent/editor -

4. Characters

i) Body language cues to emotion (useful for show vs tell) -

ii) Create images of your characters -

iii) What makes a sympathetic character? -

iv) What makes a compelling character? -

v) Matching a character’s name to their age -

5. Gadgets & software

i) WRITE or your computer will bleep at you! -

ii) Free writing software -

iii) Create a ‘word cloud’ of your novel or short story -

iv) Semi-colon quiz -

v) Do you write like woman or a man? -

vi) Get your computer to read out your novel/story for you -

vii) Online editing software -

6. Writers block


ii) Writers block vs chronic procrastination -

7. Publishing

i) How do you get your book into the supermarkets? -

ii) Don’t expect to earn loads of money -

iii) “Things I’ve learned since my first book was published” -

iv) Author tries to promote his first book -

v) Snowbooks publishers – “How We Choose What We Publish” -

8. General advice for writers

i) 35 traps writers fall into -

ii) Writing a novel -

iii) Really informative videos on writing and getting published -

iv) BBC GetWriting site -

v) Writing fiction for 8-12 year olds -

vi) Writing tips -

vii) Writing advice -

9. Random stuff

i) Have a nose at other writer’s rooms -

ii) Guardian newspaper ‘How to write’ articles -

iii) The Book Show on YouTube -

iv) Test your vocab and help charity at the same time -

v) Are you right-brained or left-brained? -,21598,22492511-5005375,00.html

vi) What drives writers to write? -

10. Editing

i) Kill your darlings -

ii) Rewriting a novel -

iii) 3 steps to edit your novel -

iv) Editing -

v) Revision Toolkit -


HelenMHunt said...

That all looks really brilliant. Thanks for bringing it all together.

Lane said...

Wow. This is fab. Thanks for putting it all together:-)

liz fenwick said...

Absolutely fantastic - but I can't help wonder - was this a touch of procrastenation :-)

Debs said...

Thank you so much for theses links, the timing for them is perfect. I received a rejection yesterday (very pleasant, but still a rejection), so need all the help I can get.

Queenie said...

That is SO helpful - and perfect timing from my point of view! Thanks very much for taking the time to pull this together.

Queenie said...

BTW you've got the Gender Genie link in twice - once against 'creating a plot outline' (second link from top)

Anonymous said...

Cally, you're a complete Brightazonian Star! These are really useful, thank you.

Do you think a Novel Racers' side-bar gadget with these would be a good idea?

ChrisH said...

Aw! What a generous, Hector you are. Thank you.

Tam said...

Great! Thanks, Calistro :-)

KayJay said...

Ignore Liz. Seriously, this is wonderful and most helpful! And you should possibly write your own 'how to book' to boot.

Cathy said...

Fab. Thank you!

Calistro said...

Thanks all!

Liz - I did it while watching The Apprentice last night so I was actually multitasking my procrastination! Though I did go on to write 1,100 words afterwards!

Queenie - Thanks, didn't notice that. Fixed now!

Calistro said...

Captain - Feel free to add these to a side bar in the NR blog.

Martha Flynn said...

You should charge for all that work! Thanks.

Manic Impressive said...

Wonderful! That's an impressive list...:)

Bernadette said...

Thanks for these!

In case you haven't seen it yet, you have a story in the May TABFF, out today!

Calistro said...

Bernadette - Oooh! Thanks for that! I received a cheque from Bauer the other day and wondered why as my story wasn't in the April issue.

Do you get My Weekly by any chance? Apparently my story (the one they've had for 2 years) is due to be published, finally, this month but my local newsagents doesn't stock it.

Bernadette said...

I only buy My Weekly now and then(though if any of the editors are reading this, I will be happy to buy it more often if you stop sending all my subs back!).

I'll keep an eye out for you though and let you know if I see it. My local newsagents are very good about me flicking through the magazines and only buying the ones that have friends' stories in!

Very good story in TABFF BTW.

Kate Lord Brown said...

Thanks Cally - that's a great list (wish I'd read a few of those posts about a year ago ..:)

Deborah said...

Gosh, thanks for that!

Erin Lynch said...

That is a beautiful list, thank you so much for putting it all together! I'm an amateur writer so any help is very much appreciated. :)

Your blog is inspiring for writers, both young and old!