Saturday, 2 May 2009

Buenas noticias!

What does the blog title mean? For those of you that don't speak Spanish (and I've got got a grade C GCSE so I cheated and used an online translator!) it means 'good news'!

I was in a right grump the other day - long story short I've decided to sell the poky 1 bedroom flat where I've lived for the last 7 years and get a 2 bed place (so I've got a separate room to write in) and the lease is costing a bloody fortune to extend and there's no way I can get out of it.

Anyway, I was so grumpy I wrote, on Twitter, "Dear Cosmos/gods of literature. Some good news would cheer me up right now, love CalistroWriter".

Then I went to see my solicitor.

When I came back an email was waiting for me from my agent...

My book's been sold to a Spanish publisher!

I'm flabbergasted.

It's not for much money but still...that's SIX countries (including the UK) that are now going to publish my book!!! (The others being Russia, Hungary, Brazil and Germany).

That's SIX different covers!

So yes, I'm a very happy bunny.

Errrr...apart from the fact that I'm 14,000 words behind my (self-imposed) schedule for book 2 (currently at 70% of the way through the first draft). That's not good.

Still, I have a plan. One that involves lots of words on Saturday and Monday. Hopefully it'll help.

I'm already dreading the editing. I was lucky with book 1 in that it all seemed to fall together fairly easily but book 2 is going to need some quite substantial editing including a whole new subplot, some extensive tweaks to one of the main characters and a total reinvention of one of the more minor characters and a whole lot more funny.

But I'm not freaking out.


Second Book Syndrome. It's alive. It's well. And it's living in my head.

Time for a new letter to the Cosmos/gods of literature....


liz fenwick said...

Fantastic news on the Spanish. Now get the damn book written and worry about fixing it after - that is an order and thou must obey!!!!! Thus spake the voice from above or beyond or at least Dubai:-)

JJ Beattie said...

Great news about the new sale (I did see it on FB actually.)

I'm with Liz about the second... just keep going and making notes about what'll need doing next. Good luck.

Debs said...

Congratulations re the spanish sale, six countries is brilliant.

I'm sure book 2 will be wonderful, keep on, keeping on.

Tam said...

Yay! Well done :-)
What the others said on book #2. It'll all work out.

HelenMHunt said...

That's such good news on the Spanish sale. Well done.

Adam said...

That's great! Congratulations! :-)

Calistro said...

Liz - Thank you. A kick up the bum was just what I needed!

JJ - Thanks. I hope I don't come across as all 'oh woe is me' considering the good luck I've had with book 1 - just feeling a bit 'Eeeek!' about book 2 at the moment. Hopefully the feeling will pass.

Debs - Six countries is more than I ever dreamed of. Must stop whinging about book 2 and get on with it!

Tam - Thanks mate :)

Helen - Thank you m'dear :)

Adam - Thank you Twitter friend :)

Rochelle Michael said...

Congratulations! That is great news! And keep up the hard work on book 2 :-)

Gonna be a writer said...

Agree with pretty much everything that has been said here. And I would wholeheartedly say get on with book two and worry about fixing it later. Remember the times when having to worry about editing book two was just a dream.
Hope the plan works out.

Queenie said...

The 'eek' feeling WILL pass. Keep at it, one step at a time and you'll get there. So will you be doing a launch in Madrid then? Or maybe Barcelona? Could be fun!

Fiona said...

Well done Cally. I have family in Spain so I'll tell them to look out for it.

Deanna Jewel said...

Congrats, Calistro, on being in six countries. I can imagine just how excited you must be. That's an accomplishment. Keep going and never stop. Believe in yourself, write, then edit. I look forward to watching your progress! Found you on Twitter.

womagwriter said...

That's excellent news, well done again!

Anonymous said...

Self-imposed deadline issues or not, you're on a roll with this writing malarkey. Excellent news and well done. I'll have to get your autograph at the next NR meeting.

I bet you'll be glad when the house moving is all done and dusted. It's the third most stressful activity in modern life, apparently.

Fionnuala Kearney said...

Yay to the Cosmos Gods and Dpanish ones and whoever! Six countries. Wow....Fx