Wednesday, 1 July 2009

My cousin the magician!

A little while ago I received two emails...

The first was from the assistant at my literary agency, asking if I could please supply her with a 8x10" black and white head or head and shoulders shot of me so they could hang it on their newly created 'author hall of fame' wall.

The second was from PR at my publishers, asking if I had any photos that they could use for publicity purposes (and possibly put at the back of my novel).

Both requests made my heart flitter-flutter.

Flitter-flutter with FEAR.

a) All the photos I have involve me looking a bit dorky/sweaty/scruff on holiday and
b) I HATE having my photo taken!

So I put off replying to the emails for a while and did what any serious author would do and wrote my novel surfed facebook. During one of my surfing sessions I discovered something on one of my cousin's pages that made me go "Ooooh" very loudly. The source of my Ooohs were these photos:

I had no idea that Jacqui was such a talented photographer! Over time an idea started to form in my head...if Jacqui could take such gorgeous photos of the kids then maybe, just maybe she could take a halfway decent photo of me? Okay so I'm at least 30 years older than these children and I've got a faceful of blemishes and lines whereas they've got lovely flawless skin but, well, it wouldn't hurt to ask would it?

Ask I did - and to my delight she said yes, she'd take some shots of me!

So earlier this week, after hours of shovelling on the make-up and wrestling with velcro rollers and a curling tong I turned up at her house (quaking ever so slightly). It was early evening and Jacqui said we'd be able to get some good light (and scenery) at the common at her house so off we trooped, catching up as we walked.

I was still a bit nervous as Jacqui asked me to sit on a bench and hold a big circular light-reflecting disk thing (I'm no good at the terminology!) while she checked the light but she soon put me at ease and started clicking away. We changed locations a few times, laughing at the fact we could only take sitting down photos because I'm so much taller than her! The session was over before I knew it and I made my way back home, hoping against hope that at least one of the photos would be usable!

Yesterday evening I receiving a series of emails from Jacqui containing photo attachments...of me! I felt a bit sick as I clicked them open, telling myself it wasn't the end of the world if there wasn't a usable photo for my book/PR, I'd just invest in a sturdy paper bag and do a 'bete de jour'.

But God...Jacqui is INCREDIBLE! She's a magician not a photographer! Hell, sod that, she's a bloody miracle worker! Look what she created with her camera (and a bit of photoshop):

I couldn't be more pleased (or shocked!).

If you live in Worcestershire (or even further afield, am sure Jacqui would travel for the right price) and would like some gorgeous photos of your kids, or even some half-decent photos of yourself please do get in touch with her (Jacqui Elliot-Williams: She's an absolute sweetheart and very talented with it.


liz fenwick said...

They look just like you - beautiful. They are lovely and she did a great job with composition etc.
ps. the photos of the kids are fabulous too

Nik Perring said...

Yip, you look lovely. And authory.


Dave Bartlett said...

Your cousin jacqui is certainly an accomplished photographer, but having you as her subject can't have made her job too difficult. You look gorgeous in those pictures, and I'm sure that's not all down to either good lensmanship or photoshop.

SpiralSkies said...

They really are lovely photos but you're really not that bad to start with you know!

I am swooning at the little girl grasping at the daisy. What a beautiful blog post.

Tam said...

Amazingly lovely pics - but then, so are you so no surprise there.

Author hall of fame, eh? You've arrived, my dear!

Queenie said...

The cleverest thing she did was to help you see yourself as others see you. Way to go, Jacqui - great job!

B said...

they are great pics. you're gorgeous to start with, but they're definitely great pics :)

like jen, i love love love the daisy one too :)

JJ Beattie said...

Wow; they are all fabulous, but I've got to agree with everyone, you are already gorgeous.

Maddie Moon said...

Beautiful photos. You look stunning!

Amber Lynae said...

The photos of the kids, and the photos of you are gorgeous. She is talents, as are you.

pierre l said...

I particularly like the one you've chosen for your profile -- such a lovely smile.

Bernadette said...

Those are just beautiful! (Mind you, having seen you in the flesh, I'm not actually surprised.)

Which one(s) have you chosen to send?

Karen said...

Ooh, gorgeous photos! I'll know who to book if I ever get that far :o))

L-Plate Author said...

Gosh Cally, they are amazing. You look beautiful and like Nik says so authory. x

womagwriter said...

Fabulous photos!