Friday, 18 September 2009

Blog Tour Part 2 - I need your dates!

No one ever tells you when you're offered a book deal quite how stressful arranging publicity and PR can be. My brain is mush at the moment as I try and sort out interviews, giveaways, competitions, articles and a launch party. I can't remember who I've promised what, or when. As a result I haven't edited a word of novel 2 this week and October is looking even busier. Then there's the day job and the sale of my flat to fit in too. Urrggggh.

Sorry to whinge (I know I'm very lucky to be in this position, I just feel a bit overwhelmed by how bloody much there is to do at the moment). Bear with me if I don't answer your email immediately or forget that you offered to help out by doing X or Y. Just give me a nudge if I have forgotten.

Anyway, back to the blog tour. Here's what's going to happen...

On 15 October I'm going to launch the details of a very special short story competition on this blog to celebrate the publication of my novel.

On 16th October (the day after publication) I'll be posting a link to the first person to host a leg of my virtual tour. On the same day they'll publish a post with either an interview or a guest blog from me. The day after that I'll be linking to the next person and so on.

A couple of people have already contacted me to ask for certain dates so I've added them below in red.

There are 27 different people hosting a leg of the tour so, in theory, you can pick a date from 16th October to 12th November (excluding the dates that have already gone). Ideally there should only be one 'leg' on each date but it doesn't really matter if a couple double up.

If you're hosting a leg of my tour please use the comments box to ask for the date you want.

Also - if you are going to be interviewing me please get your questions to me via email

If you could send them sooner rather than later that would be great so I spread out answering them between now and 16th October. If I'm writing a guest post please send me an email letting me know what you want me to write about - or just put 'up to you' in the email. That way I can get organised, put everything in one email folder and work through them all.

I'll try and keep up with the comments and update this post to show which dates have been taken.

Clear as mud? Great ;)

Here's the list of the tour legs again:

1. Chicklit reviews ( - Berkshire & Tenerife - guest post - Friday 16 October (guest post written and sent)

2. Fia ( - Berkshire/Hants border - guest post, Subbing to agents - Sat 17 October (guest post written and sent)

3. JJ (teastains) ( - Thailand - interview - Sunday 18 October (questions received and answered)

4. Caroline Smailes ( - North-West England - Interview & giveaway - Monday 19 October (questions received and answered)

5. Strictly Writing ( - International - interview - Tuesday 20 October (questions received and answered)

6. Amanda ( - United Kingdom - Interview - Wednesday 21st October (questions received and answered)

7. Karen ( - United Kingdom - Guest post: writing highlights of the last year - Thurs 22 October (guest post written and sent)

8. Helen MH ( - United Kingdom - Interview with her cats! (+ Bookersatz review - Friday 23 October (questions received and answered)

9. Colette - ( - North-East - guest post - how the reality compares to the dream - Saturday 24 October (guest post written and sent)

10. Helen ( -United Kingdom - Cake chat! :) - Sun 25 October (questions received and answered)

11. Sally Quilford ( - Chesterfield - interview & giveaway - Monday 26th October (questions received and answered)

12. Cassandra ( - United States - Informal interview - Sunday 27 October (questions received and answered)

13. Tom Conoboy ( - Yorkshire - the craft of writing - Wed 28 October (questions received and answered)

14. Captain Black ( - Sutton - questions about writing process/ tools of the trade - Thurs 29 October (questions received and answered)

15. Five minutes Peace
( - Wirral - Guest post: 5 favourite books - Fri 30 October (guest post written and sent)

16. L-Plate ( - Stoke on Trent - one word interview - Sat 31 October (questions received and answered)

17. Cathy W ( - London - guest post on reward and motivation - Sun 1 November (guest post written and sent)

18. Queenie ( - United Kingdom - Interview/questions - Mon 2 November (questions received and answered)

19. Kate Lord Brown ( - Hampshire - Guest blog post - Tues 3 November (guest post written and sent)

20. Womagwriter ( - United Kingdom - Guest blog post/giveaway - background in short story writing - Wed 4 November (guest post written and sent)

21. SueG ( - London - Anam Cara, retreats and things in general - Thurs 5 November (questions received and answered)

22. Catherine Withnay ( - ? - Interview - Friday 6 November (questions received and answered)

23. Kate Harrison ( - Barcelona - Guest blog post about post-deal experiences - Sat 7 November

24. Debs ( - United Kingdom - Review and book giveaway - Sun 8 November

25. DOT ( - Brighton- dinner party questions - Mon 9 November (questions received and answered)

p.s. To the editors of Novelicious, and Nik Perring - I think I promised to do something for you. Could you remind me what?!!

p.p.s. Cassandra (leg #12) is currently running a competition on her blog. It's an 'Ask the Author Anything' contest and I'm the author in question! If there's anything you've ever wanted to ask me (writing related. Keep it clean!) please pop over there and leave a comment and you could win a copy of New York Times bestselling author Sarah Dessen's "The Truth About Forever"

Here's the link to Cassandra's blog and the competition:


Debs said...

It all sounds exhausting. If you need me to do anything, just let me know.

HelenMHunt said...

Could I have Friday 23 Oct for my blog if nobody else wants it? That photo's given me an idea - I think my cats are going to interview you. That'll be different!

I usually put reviews on Bookersatz for a week at a time and I'd be happy to put yours up whenever works best for you. Just let me know.

Colette said...

Hi Cally - could you please do me a guest post on my blog. If I could suggest a subject please I'd be interested (and so would the readers I'm sure) to know how thw reality compares to the dream. I don't have a preference to date - just let me know when.

Cassandra said...

Can I take 27 Oct? That's my birthday :)

Nik Perring said...

...and, breathe.

I'll email you.

I'm aware that I still owe you an email btw. Head hurts. :)


Tam said...

Gaed, you poor thing! Get some camomile tea, for heavens sake!

Fia said...

Oh flip, sorry just emailed you with dates but anyway: any date is fine with me.

JJ Beattie said...

Does it help to say give me any date that's left over?

I'll check back here to see your answer.

Amanda said...

The only dates I can't do are 8th-11th November - so just fit me into a vacant slot!

p.s. if you would prefer me to give a specific date do say

SueG said...

I know...isn't this nuts? I must admit, by the time I finished doing all this for Tangled Roots I was a complete wreck. Though it was fun, too, in a narcissistic kind of way :-) But anyway....could I do Thursday, Nov 5? I'm going to be travelling a lot during the end of October and this will give me a chance to get sorted. I'll send you my questions by the beginning of October, if that's ok. And now, as Nik said: breathe.... xo

Debs said...

You can fit me in on any day, and, as I can't think what I could do, maybe I could post about your book, buy an extra copy and do a book giveaway or something.

womagwriter said...

Any Wednesday, preferably, as that's the day I usually have more time to post up a blog post! If Wednesdays are gone, pick a Friday please. And we already have a theme for the blog post on my blog - how you came to novel writing via short stories, good things and bad things about doing it that way round, what you learnt about writing by doing shorts (esp women's mag shorts!) Thank you.

Catharine Withenay said...

I can't easily do over half-term (say from Fri 23 Oct - Tues 3 Nov) but otherwise I'm completely flexible. I think I'd rather do an interview, if possible (I'm concocting some questions even now!)

If it's easiest for you that I plump for a date I'll say 5 November (should be easy to remember that!) if not already taken.

Good luck!

Karen said...

Any date that fits in round the others' is fine by me :o)

Captain Black said...

You seem to be very organised, despite the hectic times.

I'll be away in Scotland from 16th to 20th October, inclusive. However, I could still do a scheduled post during that time, so I guess it doesn't really matter what date I get, as long as I get my questions to you in time (about to start working on that now). How about say, 29th October? Any date will do really though.

By the way, did you know that it's both JJ's and Lane's birthday on 15th?

DOT said...

Sorry, Cal, to be so slow but why break a habit of a lifetime. Will definitely let you know Thursday once I've calculated my shitf, sorry, shift pattern for next month

Cathy said...

Change of plan, weekends probably now best so could I have Sunday 1 November please?

Kate Lord Brown said...

Hi Cally - how about Sunday 25th over at WKDN? If that's gone, any of the early dates work. My email is on the profile page if you want to send your post ahead of time and I'll schedule it for the date that works for you. x

Calistro said...

Cathy - 1st November is yours. Thank you :)

Kate - I've given you 3rd November, hope that's okay (I gave 25th Oct to Helen b/c that happens to be my birthday and her leg of the tour is 'cake chat' which I thought was quite appropriate! :))

Amber Lynae said...

I'm am sorry Cally. I had a move the end of last month and just got back my internet. So Is there no way to get Your masterpiece in the states? I was trying to get it from the and they don't have it. Everything I have read about your novel makes me want to read it now, and the word needs out. So how can i share it over here?

Calistro said...

Hi Amber! Thanks for getting in touch, sorry it's taken me so long to reply. I'm a bit overwhelmed with all the blog posts and interviews I have to do so would you mind if we put yours on holiday until/if my book ever gets published in the States?

As far I know you can't order it on but you can on if you don't mind paying the extra postage. Thanks for being so supportive, I really appreciate it. x