Monday, 14 September 2009

Blog Tour Update

Blog tour update (to help spread the word about "Heaven Can Wait" after it's published on 15 October). So far I have:

1. Five minutes Peace - Guest post: 5 favourite books

2. Chicklit reviews - guest post

3. L-Plate - to be arranged later

4. Karen - Guest post: writing highlights of the last year

5. SueG - Anam Cara, retreats and things in general

6. Tom Conoboy - the craft of writing

7. Captain Black - questions about my writing process and tools of the trade

8. Fia - Subbing to agents

9. Queenie - Interview/questions

10. Caroline Smailes - TBA

11. Helen MH - TBA (+ Bookersatz review)

12. Cassandra - Informal interview

13. Helen - Cake chat! :)

14. Colette - TBA

15. DOT - *thinking* ;)

16. Leatherdykeuk - Interview on Dogsbyte

17. Jumbly Girl - TBA

18. Catherine Withnay - Interview or guest blog

19. Amanda - Interview

20. Kate Harrison - Guest blog post about post-deal experiences

21. Kate Lord Brown - Guest blog post

22. Womagwriter - Guest blog post - background in short story writing

23. Amber Lynae - Guest post/giveaway

24. JJ (teastains) - TBA

25. Strictly Writing - Interview

*** Update: I think I'll have to stop there or I'll be writing guest posts and answering interview questions for the rest of my life!! Thanks SO much for everyone for sticking their hands in the air. Makes me feel giddily happy. My next blog post will be about arranging the dates they'll take place. Ideally, one leg of the tour a day - so it'll last 24 days!!! ***

p.s. If anyone said yes and I've accidentally missed you off the list please let me know and I'll add you.

Any more for any more?

It really doesn't matter if your blog doesn't have a huge following, I'd just like to spread the word as much as I can. There isn't the funding available at my publishers for any advertising or an amazing marketing strategy (apart from a few competitions that will be run in conjunction with my blog and website) so I'm really relying on word of mouth - and the handful of interviews my wonderful writer friends are trying to arrange for me - to let people know about my book.

Anything you can do to help would be hugely appreciated x


Fia said...

Okay, may I host a coffee morning with you asking you how you went about subbing Heaven Can Wait and what you did while you waited - not for heaven obviously - but for heavenly agent?

Maybe how to construct proper sentences too. I have been up since 3 am with drunk teenager.

Debs said...

I'll happily post about you/Heaven Can Wait and will definately blog about it as soon as I get my copy (which has been pre-ordered of course).

Queenie said...

Count me in. I'd held back because of having such a small readership, but if you want the minnows as well as the whales, I'll be happy to help. I think I'd like to 'interview' you if that would be OK? I'll email you some questions, see what you think.

Caroline said...

I said months back you'd be welcome over at my place... and you still are! Let me know x

Calistro said...

Fia - hooray! Thanks SO much. Brilliant. Will update this post to reflect that.

Debs - Thank you so much. Every mention, even if not part of the blog tour, will help.

Queenie - You are not a minnow you're a Queen :) Thank you so much missus. You're added to the updated blog post.

Caroline - YAY!!! Thank you. Shall I add you as TBA?

Lily Sheehan said...

I'll most certainly be bigging up your book in a post of its very own!!! I can't wait to read it :)

HelenMHunt said...

I'll put the review on Bookersatz whenever you're ready, and you're very welcome on my blog as well if you'd like. I'll see if I can think of a different angle from what other people have already suggested x

Cassandra said...

I'd love to feature something on my blog. It's one of the teeney eenie weeny ones but you never know who will be reading what, right?

Perhaps an informal interview?

I think blog tours are such a great idea to generate a little buzz, good on you for really pushing your novel!

Helen said...

Count me in. Maybe we could talk about cake on my cake blog - my stats are steadily increasing on there...

Colette said...

You're more than welcome at my place. Just let me know what I can do.

Calistro said...

Lily - Thank you. A big up would be hugely appreciated :)

HelenMH - Excellent. Thank you so much x 2 :)

Cassandra - I'd love to thank you :)

Helen - Excellent! I love cake :)

Colette - Brilliant! Thank you.

Thank you all so much. You're all HUGE MASSIVE TWINKLY STARS :)

DOT said...

Dunno what I can do, but do it I will, whatever.

Let me think.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Give me a date and I'll have you over at DogsBite - What would you like? An interview in senryu from?

Jumbly Girl said...

Would love to have you over at my place although I suspect most of my readers are also yours - however I do have a couple of family and friends who pop in from time to time too and I'd love to spread the word anyway I can. Mind is a blank on a subject (as cake has already gone!)but will have a thunk

Catharine Withenay said...

I'm in the minnow fraternity, but would happily do an interview or let you 'guest blog' or something - let me know what would suit you or fit in with your schedule.

Amanda said...

Exactly what Debs said :-) And would love to interview you on my blog too!

Anonymous said...

Being, as I am, technically and scientifically minded, I could ask you some questions about your writing process and the tools of your trade. How does that sound?

Calistro said...

DOT - Ace! Thank you :)

Leather - Thank you! What's senryu? Some kind of poetry? Will sort out dates in my next post.

Jumbly - Thanks mate. I appreciate it

Catherine - Thanks so much for stepping up. If you'd like me to do a guest post can you think of a topic you'd like me to post about?

Amanda - brilliant! Thanks so much :)

Captain - That sounds perfect. Thank you :)

Kate Lord Brown said...

Cally - yes would be delighted to have you do a guest spot on WKDN. You can email through the weblink on profile page x

Amber Lynae said...

I plan on reading it. And you are more than welcome to quest post on my blog, or anything. I can host a giveaway. I will help you spread the word.

womagwriter said...

I'll advertise your comp, of course, and would be more than happy to host you on your blog tour - see my comment in your earlier post re that.

The blog tour is a fab idea by the way!

JJ Beattie said...

Cally, I'd be happy to host something...