Monday, 28 September 2009

It's all happening!

A couple of weeks ago my agent emailed me some interview questions for "First Edition" magazine. I spent hours answering the questions, emailed them back to her and then got on with something else (probably organising my Virtual Book Tour!).

I'd almost forgotten about the interview until I checked my email earlier today. An ex-colleague had sent me a message to say he'd seen a copy of the magazine and my name was on the front cover. A quick check of their website revealed he wasn't kidding.

<<< Look!

I had my first ever interview with a journalist this week - a journalist from a very, very popular woman's magazine! I have to admit I was poo-ing my pants a little bit as I watched the clock on my laptop count down the minutes until she was due to ring and I started to worry that maybe I'd give away a terrible secret or she'd twist my words and publish some fabricated story about my route to publication like

"I bedded half of London's literary agents before I got signed"


"I signed my publishing deal in pig blood" *

(and they say writers have over-active imaginations).

I needn't have worried. The journalist was really lovely, didn't ask me a single dodgy question and made all the right noises (i.e. interested uh-huhs rather than snores) when I gave her the background information she'd asked for.

The Virtual Blog Tour seems to be coming along nicely with most people now signed up for a date (if you haven't please scroll down to the previous blog post) and I've received lots of fab interview questions. Thank you all! Now there's just the small *ahem* matter of answering them all and writing ten or twelve guest posts. Eeek!

I gave myself this weekend off promotional stuff and got stuck into editing novel 2 instead. I've got just over two months to get it as perfect as possible, ready to hand over to my editor on 1st December, and am trying not to freak out about the fact I haven't even finished the first edit yet (my first novel had at least 3 or 4 edits before I tried to get an agent!).


I've got 6 days annual leave left this year. I think I'm going to need them.

*Of course the interview won't be published for a while yet so I could still open the magazine to read one of the headlines above. But I hope not!


Caroline said...

Ha! You might one of those 'only reads the bold' readers coming to your blog - my they'll be in for a treat :) x

Queenie said...

Ooh it's all so exciting!!! Really glad it's going so well. Not long now till P-Day!

Karen said...

Ooh, I think Bernadette commented on the forum a while back that you were in First Edition - so exciting!

How the heck are you going to fit sleeping into the next few weeks :oO

I don't think you need any questions as such for my *highlights of your writing year* post. Just, er, let me know what the highlights of your writing year have been, and I'll sort it out from there! Not sure what dates are still available but it can easily be squeezed in between everyone else's :o)

Bernadette said...

That's fab Cally! (I did mention it on the forum - sorry I didn't point it out more strongly - I thought you'd know!)

The amount of work and determination you put into both your writing and your marketing is a lesson to us all. You deserve all the success that is no doubt coming your way.

Nik Perring said...

All good, huh? Which is top to hear.


Lily Sheehan said...

Glad to hear its going so well!

Fia said...

I like the First Edition. Well done on being a cover girl.

Have you seen this:

Might be fun and useful?

Debs said...

Your head must be spinning with all that's going on at the moment.

I can't wait until publication date, so I can receive my book and get reading.

x - so exciting.

SueG said...

It is crazy exciting, isn't it? I must admit, one of the big surprises of getting published was to suddenly have people asking me about myself and my opinions(and pretending to care)!

Tam said...

Hurrah! It's all coming true (except the bit about the pig's blood - save that for when you're a superstar).

You're welcome to guest on my blog if you like? I can do the Monday or the Wednesday.

Calistro said...

Caroline - I know, imagine if I'm quoted out of context! Oops!

Queenie - I can't believe it's nearly here!

Karen - Funnily enough I CAN'T sleep at the moment. I go to bed really late then wake up really early. I think I'm averaging about 5 hours a night at the moment. AND I WANT MORE! Will get a writing highlights guest post to you very soon.

Bernadette - Thank you, that's very kind. Thanks also for posting about First Edition. I try and check the other place every day but sometimes miss things!

Nik - So far so good anyway ;)

Lily - *touch wood* !

Fia - That's brilliant, thank you. I'll get in touch with her.

Debs - It's definitely spinning! (see reply to Karen about not being able to sleep or stay asleep!)

Sue - *laughs at the 'pretending to care'* comment. It is VERY strange to be talking about myself so much. And I've never talking about WRITING so much either. Anyone fancy me writing a guest post about my favourite colour or food instead of something writing related? ;)

Tam - I might take you up on that! (time allowing). Thank you x