Monday, 19 October 2009

Book photos!

One of the most exciting things about the last few days are the emails people are sending me - particularly the ones including photos of sightings of my book and people reading/receiving it!

Here's a selection:

"Heaven Can Wait" in Borders, Brighton

And in WHSmiths Northampton

A friend of mine receives the copies he ordered on Amazon

"Heaven Can Wait" in WHSmiths Dundee

Fellow blogger Karen gets stuck in!

WH Smiths in Brighton

Borders in Cheshire Oaks

I've also had reports of someone reading my book on a train in London and three people clutching a copy in a queue at WHSmiths Picadilly in Manchester!

I'd love to get more photos of my book in different shops in the UK so please send them my way ( And if you could, please let me know if you've spotted anyone reading or buying my book (even better if you can get a photo of them doing it!).

This blog has been like a diary of my attempt to get published and I'd love to include lots of photos of HcW so I can look back on them in years to come.


Debs said...

Great to see all these photos of your book.

Karen said...

Brilliant! Does the library count? I'll try and take a photo when it comes in :o)

Elle said...
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Elle said...

It must feel so good to see your book in stores! Will be snapping once I next head into my local Waterstones :D

Teresa Stenson said...

So nice to read about your worked-hard-for excitement. I'll check my local (York) book stores soon when I go out to get my own copy.

Lily Sheehan said...

I went to smiths and w/stones today but no luck finding it. I should be getting my copy from amazon tomoz ***fingers crossed*** and I shall send you a pic when I do.

HelenMHunt said...

So exciting to see it popping up all over the country - and all over the blogospere.

pierre l said...

Went into the Bracknell WHSmith's today, walked to the fiction chart section and there it was at number 45 (as in the other pictures). I did buy the last copy though.
I also looked at my local Waterstone's, and your book wasn't on the shelf (and not visible on any table either). are quoting up to 10 days for delivery. bookdepository and amazon have stock.
While I was at Amazon, I pre-ordered "untitled taylor 2of2" for delivery late 2010.

Calistro said...

Debs - I love them!

Karen - It absolutely counts! Do send a photo of it on the shelf if you can :)

Elle - brilliant, thanks so much :)

Teresa - Thank you so much for commenting. I hope you find a copy in York - let me know!

Lily - Ya boo to the no copies. Am hoping it's because they've sold out. Ha! ;) Looking forward to the photo of you with your book!

Helen - I know! I really, really appreciate everyone posting about my book. Every time I spot a new mention I go all wibbly inside (which makes a nice change from writing wibbles!)

Pierre - Thanks for your detective work! 10 days for delivery? That's odd. Still, good old WHSmiths 'eh :) You ordered the second book and a) you don't know what it's about and b) I haven't finished editing it yet - eeeek! No pressure! ;)

Calistro said...

Pierre has just told me that the reason there aren't any copies of Heaven Can Wait in Waterstones (UK) is because of a problem with the central ordering hub.

Nothing to do with them not liking my book then. Phew!

pierre l said...

As I just said on Twitter,
I am not near any Border's branches. but I was really impressed with WHSmith's today: far more books and less space devoted to computer games and video. Actually, I wonder if they are taking advantage of Waterstone's difficulties (my local W is still good, but they do seem to have ordering difficulties).

Sandy Calico said...

I've been following your blog for a little while, but hadn't commented. I just wanted to say congratulations to you. I can feel your excitement leaping out from the screen. I'm looking forward to reading your novel.
Sandy x

Calistro said...

Pierre - Thanks for the Waterstones heads up, think it's all sorted now. Thank goodness!

Sandy - thanks so much for commenting. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I always think it's lovely when a reader de-lurks and says hello. Hello! *waves*

Anonymous said...

I got mine at Gatwick Airport! Sorry, no photo.