Friday, 16 October 2009

Heaven Can Wait Virtual Book Tour - Day 1 (route to publication)

After weeks of preparation, tears and toil (oh okay, me answering some interview questions and writing some blog posts) the Virtual Blog Tour has started!

First stop is Tenerife and the UK, both at the same time - it's a magical virtual blog tour, you try saying that after six glasses of champagne ;) - and I'm visiting:

to talk about how a childhood dream turned into reality.

Tomorrow we're off to Berkshire where I talk about agents and Fia publishes the actual cover letter I sent to my own agent when I was subbing my novel...

p.s. Thanks so much for all the lovely messages yesterday. More than seeing my books in the shops (more on that later) it was the wave of good wishes and excitement from friends and family that made yesterday so magical. I'll never, ever forget it. More later...when my hangover's faded a bit!


Karen said...

Best of luck with your tour :o)

My copy of Heaven Can Wait has arrived and I ... well, can't wait to read it :o))

Karen said...

... oh and my daughter grabbed it and read the first page, and said, "oh my god it's like Sophie Kinsella (her favourite writer) only better!"

Debs said...

Mine arrived too, and I read the first page to my husband, who thought it was brilliant.

Marshall Buckley said...

Cally - you might want to reword your first paragraph (if that's not presumptuous of me!):
I read "the Virtual Blog Tour is off!" to mean "the Virtual Web Tour has been cancelled"

Enjoy the tour!

Calistro said...

Karen - Oh my god, that's insanely flattering! Can I adopt your daughter? ;)

Debs - Can I adopt your husband? ;)

Marshall - Very good point! I've reworded it. Thank you :)

Tam said...

My copy has arrived and I'm Too Busy to start it now, because I know I won't be able to put it down once I start it. That said, I can hear it calling me from the bookshelf.

Congrats again, Cally. You deserve this :-)

Xuxana said...

Yay! The tour has started! I've been waiting for this :)
BTW: Leah is reading your book now, her first adult novel as she normally reads teen lit. She's loving your book but is so impatient she asked your parents what happens in the end already! lol. Course we all told her she has to read it to find out ;)