Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Heaven Can Wait Virtual Book Tour - Day 5 (writing snacks, booker vs film deal, women's fiction tips)

Today we're off to visit 'Strictly Writing' for Day 5 of the Virtual Book Tour.

'Strictly' (love writing that) is a collaborative blog, and a hugely useful for one for writers.

It's run by six writers and features fascinating, insightful and often very funny articles about writing. Guest posts and interviews also pop up regularly. It's always a great read and if you haven't added them to your blog roll yet, what are you waiting for?

Pop along to Strictly to find out which writers I'd invite to a dinner party, what my favourite writing snack is and what the best thing about being published is.

Oh, and you can win a signed copy of "Heaven Can Wait" too!


p.s. Sorry, forget to mention that tomorrow I'll be talking to Mandy Britanny about who I'd like to play Dan and Lucy if a film was ever made of my book, whether I considered sending out the first 3 chapters to agents before I'd finished editing them and whether or not I dream about my characters...


Debs said...

I'm off there right now.

Bernadette said...

Great interview.

Spotted your book in Smiths in Wimbledon today, both in the '45' slot and in the alphabetical section, next to Barbara Taylor Bradford. I was very naughty and took your book out and placed it face forward in front of the other books (sorry, Barbara). I couldn't help it - it deserved to be seen! May have to shop elsewhere now.

Samantha Tonge said...

Thanks for the kind comments, Cally, and it was great having you there.

Blimey, you'll need lots of champers after this tour...:)

Calistro said...

Bernadette - You RULE! (that sounds very 1980s teenaged boy, sorry). But you do. Barbara Taylor Bradford sells shed loads and I need all the help I can get :) Thanks so much x

Sam - Thank you for having me. I'll need plenty of SLEEP after this tour too!