Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Heaven Can Wait Virtual Book Tour - Day 6 (film version of my book, negative comments, dreaming about characters)

I'm very excited about today's leg of the virtual book tour because Amanda asked me about something I've been fantasising about since I my novel was called "The House of Wannabe Ghosts" - who would play the main characters in the film?

I actually wrote a blog post about who I'd choose to play each of the characters a while ago but I've since changed my mind about who'd play Lucy and Dan.

Friends of mine have suggested that Isla Fischer should play Lucy but I'm not so sure, she'll always be Becky Bloomwood after appearing in the Shopaholic film!

Can you work out who I've picked from the blurred images above?


You'd better get yourself off to Amanda's blog to find out then!

I also answer questions about dealing with negative comments, whether I dream about my characters and whether they're based on real people!

Here's the interview:

Tomorrow we're off to visit Karen who'll be publishing a guest post about my writing highlights of the last year...


Cassandra said...

Jim Sturgess, Mmm Mmm good!

Karen said...

Good film choices, and while I don't dream about my characters per se I DO dream about writing quite a lot :o)

Amanda said...

Ooh, I'm off to cast my novel! :-)

Colette said...

When I first started BTL I knew immediately who I would want to play the secondary character in a film version of it. That has since changed very quickly when I realised he was too old. He was replaced by a much better second choice. I still don't know who I'd want to play the main character.
Liking the choices Cally.

Sky Blue said...

I'm enjoying following your virtual tour. I'm also looking forward to reading Heaven Can Wait. I bought it in Waterstones in Ayr (west coast of Scotland) today. It wasn't on the shelves so I asked at the desk. Turned out their only copy had just arrived and hadn't made it down to the shelves yet - they did assure me they would be getting more in, though!

W H Smith, Ayr had two copies at No 45 - unfortunately it was on the bottom shelf. I only wish I'd thought to move it up to eye level.

Calistro said...

Cassandra - Thank you! He's not QUITE manly enough for Dan but he's the closest I could find for a cheeky grin match!

Karen - Oooh, do tell!

Amanda - It's great fun, post the results on your blog so we can all see :)

Colette - Yes, similar. My initial castings were too old. Still think Rachel Weisz might be too old but don't want to be ageist ;)

Sky Blue - Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. One copy? They weren't expecting to shift many were they? ;) Yes, it's a shame #45 is on the bottom shelf - in a lot of stores - but at least it's on the shelves :)