Monday, 26 October 2009

More book photos!

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has sent me photos of my books in the shops, in their hands or in unusual locations. I love them! Here's some more...

Twitter friend Becka W (@oriares) has a copy sent from to her home in Germany!

Graeme finds a copy in in WHSmiths

My friend Dan finds copies in WHSmiths Liverpool Street station, London

Twitter friend Dave Bartlett (@DaveBartlett1) finds copies in WHSmiths Hull

Twitter friend Poodle Powered (@PoodlePowered) finds copies in WHSmiths Warwick

Blog reader and short story writer Teresa Stenson ent me a photo of my book on her bedside 'to be read' pile

Twitter friend Anna Ganderton (@AnnaGanderton) finds copies in WHSmiths Sandbach

One of my work colleagues finds it in WHSmiths Didcott

Lily takes my book (and Peter Andre) to her hairdressers to amuse her while she's having her hair done!

Blog reader Claire Ryan finds lots of copies in Eason's Bookstore, Cork, Ireland

Twitter friend Ben Johncock (@benjohncock) gets hold of a copy in a 'three way book swap' at the Firestation Bookswap.

Blog friend Nik Perring takes his copy to the pub!

And this has to be my favourite photo of them all because it makes me smile every time I look at it!

My friend Kelly's son Piran gets a kick out of the wee and fart jokes in my book (yes, I share a sense of humour with a three month old)!

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