Tuesday, 20 October 2009

More book pics, a naughty video and a cautionary tale!

An ex-colleague settles down with my book

Nik receives his copy!

JJ spots my book in WHSmiths Maidstone

And it's sold out in WH Smiths Malvern (thanks Xuxanna)

And I couldn't possibly condone people doing this! ;) (though I did grin, a lot, when I was sent this video!). The suspect shall remain nameless...

Thanks to everyone who's sent me a photo or promised to go into town with their camera - it's hugely exciting.

One word though - if you're going to try and take a photo of someone reading my book in a public place I recommend you take the photo surreptitiously rather than ask the person's permission...

A few days ago I told you that a friend of mine saw someone reading my book on the train to East London. Well he saw her again today. This is the text he sent me...

"So, I saw the same girl on the train today, she's still reading your book! I chose my moment, wriggled past a few passengers, went up to her and explained that 'I know the author', 'it's her first novel' and 'she's very excited' and that I'd like to send her a picture of someone actually reading her book and would she mind?

And this girl just looked at me, didn't say anything for what must've been 5-10 seconds, and then eventually, with a completely deadpan expression on her face, responded, "That's the worst chat up line I've ever heard.." and just walked off."


RKCharron said...

Hi Cally :)
Thanks for the great post.
I loved the pictures. The vid was cute. (I've done that for my fav authors too, plus facing out their books). "Worst chat up line." That was hilarious.
Congratulations again!
Love & Best Wishes,
PS - Do you prefer to be called Calistro or Cally?

Calistro said...

RK - Either's fine :)

Leigh said...

Ha ha ha!!! Worst chat-up line? Ha ha ha! Poor bloke!! What loving friends you have!

liz fenwick said...

I love it - the worst chat up line....

Xuxana said...

lol @ chat up line! That's like something you'd read in a Chick Lit book ;)

The Secret Writer said...

That's hilarious! 'Worst chat up line'. God, your friend must have been cringing! lol!

Great photos and great vid. Good idea ;)

Calistro said...

I felt soooooooooooooo sorry for my friend. How awful, I would have died with embarrassment. Poor, poor bloke.

Xuxanna - Yes it DOES sound straight out of a chicklit novel doesn't it but I swear it really happened, I've still got his text!

Captain Black said...

Oh, I have some worse ones. Believe it!