Monday, 12 October 2009

Not long now...

I can't believe it's Monday. Only 3 more sleeps until my book comes out! How mental is that? I can still remember when my agent told me, about a year ago, that Orion would be publishing my novel. Back then publication day felt like a distant dream that could be snatched away from me in a heartbeat and now it's nearly here!

Thank you all SO MUCH for the lovely comments you left on my last post. You'll be pleased to hear I've stopped crying! Sorry I didn't reply but I've been hard at work answering interview questions and writing guest posts for the Virtual Book Tour which starts this Friday. I've completed seventeen interviews/posts with eight left to do!

I've also managed to squeeze in a little bit of editing of novel 2 which is now at a healthy 70%. My aim is to complete the first edit by the end of this month (squeezing it in between the day job, various nights out and the sale of my flat!) and then take a week off in November to read it aloud to myself and really get it up to scratch. What's the betting I'll end up moving house in that week?!

These last few months have been the busiest of my life and there have been times when I've felt like I was drowing in a sea of 'to do' lists but I'm gradually getting there. By December 1st (when I have to deliver novel 2 to my editor) I'll be able to breathe again!

Other published authors have told me to make sure I leave enough space in my life to really enjoy the publication of my novel (as one said, "You only publish your debut novel once") and that's my plan for this week. Earlier today I rang a local bar to ask them to reserve a table for me and fourteen friends so we can have a champagne celebration on publication day. The manager said he'd give me a free bottle of champagne if I signed a copy of my book for him. It was his suggestion - I didn't try and blag one or anything ! Amazing!

I think I'll spend part of Thursday (pre-drinks) wandering around various bookshops in town to see if I can spot my novel. It's going to be promoted in WHSmiths Travel Shops but shops like Waterstones and Borders should also stock it (although it'll be on the shelves under T for Taylor rather than on the tables). If you spot my book anywhere please let me know. And if you could take a photo that would be very cool!

Okay, right. That's about it for now. I'll be back on Thursday to announce the details of a very special short story competition I'm running to celebrate the launch of my novel. Please spread the word on your blogs/twitter/facebook etc if you can. I'm soooooo excited about it and I hope you will be too.

p.s. I did let out a loud squeeeeeeeee earlier this week when gave my book 5/5 and a lovely review. You can check it out by clicking HERE.


Karen said...

A champagne celebration sounds like a very good idea indeed - you definitely need to savour the moment :o)

I've a feeling your book will be winging it's way into the library where I work this week too! I'll be parading around saying "I know her ... sort of!"

Have a fantastic and memorable week :o)

Colette said...

Make sure you enjoy it because it's right about the debut novel being a once in a lifetime thing.

Tam said...

Wow, that counter is soon going to be at zero. How galactically cool is that! I'm really pleased you're celebrating (with free champagne, no less) and hope you have a fab day :-)

RKCharron said...

Hi Cally :)
That was a great review!
Thank you for sharing today.
Love & Best Wishes,

Carolyn Jess-Cooke said...

Really pleased for you Cally, and what good advice - 'you only publish your debut novel once' - I'll bear that in mind...


Captain Black said...

Enjoy Thursday! I'm sure you don't need telling.

kim mcgowan said...

When my friend's novel was published my daughter and I got into spots of bother for rearranging stock (in Lancaster, Preston and Newcastle branches of Waterstone’s). I’m sure Heaven Can Wait will be prominently displayed (well hers was actually…) but I’ll be in there checking all is in order.

Debs said...

Soooo excited for you. I'll look out for your book over here and let you know when I see it.

Can't wait to receive my copy.

Xuxana said...

Aw, I get all teary eyed when I read your posts :)

I can't wait to visit book shops too! I'm so excited to see your book on their shelves!

Jumbly Girl said...

Just got an email to say my pre-ordered copy is in the post with estoiated delivery of tomorrow!

Can't wait! Will walk around with it under my arm reading it in public places (such as school playground at pick up time :o)!

HelenMHunt said...

It's getting closer and closer now. So excited for you.

DOT said...

I'll probably bump into you in one of the stores. I'll be the one taking HCW off the shelves and placing copies in prominent places on the best sellers tables. (I did the same for Caroline Smailes:)

Jumbly Girl said...

I've got it in my hands! - and it's gorgeous. I've read the first two chapters and now I'm not going to get any work done today cos I'm going to to have keep reading. Your a star Cally - well done!

Kate Lord Brown said...

What a brilliant review - congratulatiions! I'll keep an eye out for it tomorrow x

Calistro said...

Karen - Ooooh, yes. I'd forgotten that libraries will be getting their copies too. How exciting! :)

Colette - I will. I'm NEVER going to forget this moment in my life, that's for sure!

Tam - I hope the counter's going to be at 100%, not 0! ;) But yes, am getting there slowly but surely. Thank god!

RKCharron - Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a message. Really appreciated.

Carolyn - Thank you. Yes, sometimes you just need someone to point out the obvious!

Captain - No I don't! :)

Kim - I couldn't possibly condone you taking my book off the shelves and putting it somewhere more prominent. Who am I kidding? That's a fantastic idea! Everyone should do it! :) In fact I think I might do just that tomorrow ;)

Debs - Please do. I really am interested to know who's stocking it and how many copies they've got!

Xuxanna - Thank you! Let me know where you spot it :) x

Jumbly - Can't believe you've got it already. Hope you enjoy it!

Helen - REALLY close now, less than 5 hours. Squeeeee!

DOT - Ha! That would be so funny - if I move copies around Brighton's stores tomorrow and bump into you doing the same!

Jumbly - You're actually reading it!!! So relieved you're enjoying it *phew* It's really important to me that my blog friend like it.

Calistro said...

Kate - It's a fantastic review, I'm so chuffed! Do let me know where you spot it!

pierre l said...

My copy arrived today. And it looks even better in the flesh than in pictures. Many congratulations.