Friday, 30 October 2009

Virtual Book Tour - Day 15 (my favourite books to curl up with)

Did anyone spot the deliberate typo in my last virtual book tour post? No? Too polite to mention it? It was day 14 and I said we weren't even halfway through the 26 leg tour. Doh! It just feels like the world's longest virtual book tour (maybe because it is!).

Anyway, today we're off to 5 Minutes Peace - a fantastic site full of book reviews, book covers and beautiful things that make me go "Oooh" - where I'm guest blogging about my five favourite books to curl up with. It took me AGES to write that post, mostly because I couldn't work out which books to choose. I've read so many books it was an almost impossible decision.

Normally I would have gone to look at my bookshelves to see which books jumped out at me but I'm nearly book-free at the moment (apart from my 'to be read' pile). Earlier this year I massively decluttered my flat so I could put it on the market and most of my books disappeared into cardboard boxes. I had to rely on my memory instead - never good at the best of times - and I'm sure I've missed a favourite or two off the list!

What are your five favourite books to curl up with? Pop on over to Five Minutes Peace and let them know:

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KatW said...

Everyone knows how much I love books & quite often someone will ask my which my favourite is.

This question leaves me opening & closing my mouth like a fish. I'm happy to recommend & lend books but to find a favourite or even a couple of favourites is really hard. I've read so many good books & I find it so hard to choose.

So if I was in your position I would also agonise over making such choices.

Right - over to 'five minutes peace' to check out your choices.