Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Virtual Book Tour - Day 20 (short stories)

If you're a women's magazine short story writer you'll already be familiar with womagwriter. If you're not - where have you been?!

It's safe to say that womagwriter's blog has become a vital hub for everyone writing for the womag - women's magazine - market. Back in't olden days (I don't know why I've come over all Yorkshire) you had to trawl the internet and write to the magazines to get hold of their fiction guidelines. These days you can just pop over to womag's place and there you go - all the guidelines you could wish for (UK and abroad) - and she keeps the information updated too.

Today womagwriter has very kindly published my guest post on my background in short story writing...

...and if you leave a comment after the post you could win a signed copy of 'Heaven Can Wait'!

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womagwriter said...

It's a pleasure hosting you, Cally, and thanks for providing such a great article!