Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Another Blogiversary!

My blog is THREE today!

I can't quite believe I've been writing it for three whole years.

I don't think I've ever stuck to anything for that long - apart from my degree, and even then I skived a lot (ignore that last bit, family members who read this blog!) so I'm rightly proud of myself.

That's not to say it's all been plain sailing - I've often wondered if maybe I should close up shop and do something more productive with my time - like playing stupid games and taking quizzes written by illiterate twelve-year-olds on Facebook instead (ehrm..okay, so I already do that).

But I'm glad I've kept going with the blog as it has charted all the lows and highs since I started writing 'seriously' back in 2006 and I've made some fantastic blog friends. Every single blog comment I get means a lot (apart from the one mean one a while back which sucked) because it means you're all right there with me as I stumble around, trying to make sense of this business of 'being a writer'.

Last year I celebrated my blog's birthday (sixteen days late) and wrote:

"Wouldn't it be lovely if, by the blog's 3rd anniversary, I've got myself an agent?"

And the first comment in response to that post said:

"I'm sure you'll be 'agented' and well on the way to novel publication by this time next year:-)"

Well Lane, you probably saw this coming (with your uncanny ability to look into the future and all) but, in celebration of my blogiversary ,I've decided to award you the Writing-about-Writing Psychic Award 2009.


Actually maybe the award should be backdated to 2008 because that's when she made her prediction...

Either way - ta da!! Here's a really rubbish award I made with my own fair 'puter! And to think I once masqueraded as a graphic designed. Tsk!

Hmmm...maybe I should make another birthday wish to see if it comes true next year. Okay, how about - wouldn't it be lovely if, by my blog's 4th anniversary, a film is made of my book and I get to choose the hunky actor that plays Dan.

No? Too greedy. Fair enough!

Actually it's definitely greedy because the Cosmos/Gods of Literature decided to give me blogiversary present all of my own today. This afternoon I heard from my agent that my novel is going to be published in Taiwan! After a really shitty day (talking to estate agents and mortgage brokers to desperately try and stop my house purchase falling through) it was just the news I needed to cheer me up. At some point in the future I'll be holding a version of my book that will look like absolute gobbledegook to me and I can't wait!

In other news I had a fantastic time at the Cambridge Folk Festival (Tom/Rob, I did keep a look out for you but there were a lot of men with beards there so I think you were somewhat camouflaged!) and, because it absolutely TIPPED down on Saturday, the wellies got some good use. The highlight of my weekend was seeing Imelda May on Sunday night. Her cover of The Beatles' "Oh Darling" gave me goosebumps and the audience went mental for an encore when the gig ended. Definitely one of my favourite gigs this year. Here's a clip of two of her songs from the Jools Holland show:

p.s. Editing novel 2 is going okay. Obviously I didn't get any done last weekend (festival) but I started again today and the number of scenes edited so far is creeping upwards. Unfortunately so is the word count - but that's what the second edit is for, chopping it back down again. I just need the story to make sense first!

p.p.s. Apparently a story of mine "Secrets and Rain" is out now in My Weekly Summer Special 2. I sold it to them 2 years and 4 months ago and it's only just been published! I haven't found a single shop in Brighton or London that stocks it but it'll all be okay, a copy is winging it's way to me from deepest, darkest Worcestershire so I will get to see it!