Friday, 19 November 2010

We have a winner!

Jacqui won the This Morning photo competion with 53% of the vote!

This is her winning photo. It'll be displayed in the window of the This Morning 'Hub' room.

Huge thanks to everyone who voted!

Photo (c) Jacqui Elliot-Williams


Debs said...

Congratulations to your cousin. I watched the bit of the programme where they announced the winners and she looked so surprised. Fabulous photo.

Carolyn Jess-Cooke said...

What a fab photo! Is she thinking of doing a book?? I love pics like this... Tell her congrats!!


Karen said...

It's a gorgeous picture, and she deserved to win :o)

womagwriter said...

Well done your cousin, and nice to find you back in the land of the blogging, Cally!

Bernadette said...

Well done to Jacqui. It is a lovely photograph.

Chromagic said...

Congratulations to Jacqui! It's a beautiful photo.