Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Redraft DONE*

I finally finished my redraft of novel 2 after a frenzied week off, during which I rewrote at least 2 chapters a day, no excuses.

My motivation for pulling out all the stops?

I wanted to get it finished before Christmas so I can have a proper break without thinking 'how on earth am I going to tackle that scene?'

Although I worked my socks off I did, masochistically, enjoy (most of) it. Not only do I thrive on self-imposed deadlines (despite moaning 'I don't want to work on my book today' to anyone who'd listen) it was refreshing to work on my novel, and nothing but my novel, for a whole week.

Without work interrupting for 8 hours a day I was able to hold the storyline in my head and live and breath my characters. I expected to feel nothing but relief when I reached the last chapter today but, not only did I tear up mid-scene, I also felt a massive adrenaline rush when I reached the end. This isn't a first draft, it's a redraft, but I still felt the same kind of elation.

So what now? Well, I'm going to take a well-deserved break over Christmas. I promised the redraft to my agent and editor for the 1st of January so I'm going to grab a couple of days once Boxing Day is over to re-read the entire novel and make any needed tweaks and then off it goes.

I'm visiting three different cities in the UK over the Christmas period - and am very excited about it - so fingers crossed the snow doesn't stop play.

So, that's probably it from me for this year. Happy Christmas to you and yours. I hope you have a wonderful, warm and love and laughter-filled time.

*When I say 'Done' I'm fully expecting some edits from my editor once I've handed it in so the work isn't totally over yet. But, fingers crossed, I'm one step closer to a finished novel.


Anonymous said...

Have a nice relaxing break, you've earned it.

LilyS said...

Well done and enjoy your travels.

Have a Happy Christmas and a fab 2011!!

Karen said...

Brilliant news, well done Cally. You've earned that break :o)

Have a lovely Christmas x

Chris Stovell said...

Well done! Enjoy the break.

womagwriter said...

Well done and Happy New Year to you!

intrigue said...

I just wanted to say fab blog! way to go! keep up the good work! xx blessings

fellow writer


Genius prodigy said...

Haha finally! Ive found a good writers blog! I've just started one myself about writing and publishing my first novel, and I'm really glad I could find a blog so similar to mine. If anyone wants to you can check mine out at http://icanhazbestseller.blogspot.com/ I just barely started it but I have actually put up a bit from the story I'm writing (or trying to write)

Conner Kressley said...

Do you have to be a chick to like chick lit ? I hope not cause I'm a fan. Have a nice break

Anonymous said...

Such a late (and now pointless) comment, however, congratulations on finishing that 2nd draft and I trust you got it safely delivered to your editor and agent. I hope you did get that well deserved break.

While I'm here, I wanted to tell you that I shall be posting your "experience 1" on my new paranormal blog on Thursday 20th Jan - http://www.marvellousmable.blogspot.com

Thanks again for your contribution.
Best wishes, CJ xx