Wednesday, 2 February 2011

'Heaven Can Wait' goes digital!

Thanks for all your lovely words of encouragement and congratulations in response to my last blog post. I've made 5 chapters worth of progress and am planning on doing a whole lot more this weekend.

In other news...

I just typed my name into (as you do) and TA DAAAA! 'Heaven Can Wait' is now available as an ebook! It's available on too.

How exciting. Now everyone who was given a Kindle for Christmas, or can't get hold of the paperback version, can read my novel! You don't even need an ereader to read the digital version - apparently you can just download the Amazon app and read it on your computer. Oooh the power of technology 'eh!

The downside to going digital is, of course, is that the people who google 'Heaven Can Wait by Cally Taylor free download' (thanks Google alerts!) will start ripping it off but... *sigh* that's a blog post for another time. Right now I'm just excited that I've got an ebook out so I can join in party that all the authors have been at for ages!


Nik Perring said...

Ooh fab!

Karen said...

Brilliant! Technology is amazing, but thank goodness it came out in good old print first :o)

Cally said...

Nik - Cheers mate!

Karen - I know. Nothing can ever replace good old paperbacks. Lovely as they are to have you can't stick an ebook on the shelf and admire it!

Emma B said...

That's great news Cally. Must be great knowing it will be more widely accessible.

pierre l said...

Hurray! I just bought a Kindle copy so I shall read your book again.
I love my Kindle because I have so many books that I have trouble finding them, but my Kindle books are stored very tidily.
In any case, I shall continue to buy paper copies of books by my favourite writers even though I am more likely to read the Kindle version.

Cally said...

Emma - It is good!

Pierre - Thanks so much for buying a copy, I really appreciate it. So glad to hear you're going to continue to buy paperbacks. I can't imagine a world without them (and don't want to!)