Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Macedonian version has been published!

For me the excitement of a new foreign deal isn't about the money (which is just as well!) it's all about knowing that people in different countries will get to read my novel.

And the cover.

When 'Heaven Can Wait' was snapped up by Orion I was all of a tizzy when I was sent the cover artwork and I've re-lived that excitement with every cover since.

I love seeing how each publisher interprets the story. Spain went for a wedding dress and stars. Germany went for an angelic looking girl on a cloud and China chose a beautiful futuristic looking cover.

Today I was sent the artwork for the Macedonian cover and it's pretty much a blend of the Spanish and German covers - very pretty and girly. What do you think?


Queenie said...

Gorgeous! And really interesting to see them all side by side like that.

Anonymous said...

I still prefer the UK/Croatian covers as they remind me of the original title, which I always liked.

Genius prodigy said...

I actually really like the China cover :) Has She said which one is her favorite?

womagwriter said...

I like it!

I wonder if the UK cover was more influenced by your original title, whereas the overseas publishers presumably didn't know the original title.