Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Orion author party and a book giveaway!

Last night was the annual Orion author party. What a fantastic evening! I met up with fellow Orion authors - Lesley Lokko, Veronica Henry, Kate Harrison, Ilana Fox, Meg Sanders, Katie Agnew, Ruth Saberton and Jean Fullerton - at Tuttens in Covent Garden beforehand for a catch up and pre-party drinks and then we all headed over to the Royal Opera House at 6.30pm for two hours of champagne, canopes and networking. (It's a hard life!)

As per the last two Orion parties I totally chickened out of speaking to/having my photo taken with Michael Palin and the Hairy Bikers (though Ruth and Illana didn't!) but I had a fabulous time chatting to fellow authors, Orion staff, agents and scouts. I bumped into my agent - Maddie - too (I had no idea she was going) and we had a really good catch up. I told her all about Project B and my idea for my third chicklit book and she was really encouraging. Hooray!

Normally at the end of an Orion party you get a lovely goody bag full of books and audio CDs but by 9.30pm last night they'd all disappeared. I spotted a couple of books lying around and, with a little bit of blagging, managed to grab one for myself and one to giveaway to you, dear blog readers!

This is the book:

Tiger Hills by Sarita Mandanna - a fabulous book that has been selected to be part of the TV Book Club 2011.

Here's the blurb:

"When a flock of herons wheeled overhead at the moment of Devi's birth, it seemed that her life would be touched by fate... As a child, Devi befriends a young boy whose mother has died in tragic circumstances. Over the years, Devi and Devanna become inseparable as they go to school together and learn more about the extended family that surrounds them.

However things change when Devi meets Muthi, a young man who has killed a tiger and is feted as a hero. Although she is still a child and Muthi is a man, Devi vows that one day she will marry him. It is this love that will gradually drive a wedge between her and her friend Devanna, who has been taken under the wing of a local missionary. For Devi is blind to the fact that Devanna himself has fallen for her. Devanna leaves the village to study medicine, in the hope that when he returns Devi will see his worth and return his love, but then a tragedy changes the fate of all three, with far-reaching consequences for the generations to come. "

For your chance to win it (UK entrants only sorry, it's pretty heavy to post) just leave a comment letting me know who you'd most like to have your photo taken with! (alive or dead)

Closing date for entries is midnight Sunday 20th. I'll put all your names in a cup and draw one out at random.


Scott said...

If I could have a photo taken with a famous person it would be either Jim Morrison or David Attenborough. I really couldn't make up my mind which though.
Scott from Devon.

julesy said...

It would have to be Colin Firth - I am pretty sure that in the 30 seconds the photo would take that I could convince him to marry me. Ok, so I am also delusional. But it would be a nice photo...

Amanda said...

Elvis - don't know if he's alive or dead!

Anonymous said...

Stuart Broad! What? He's an author, see:

lol ;O)

Janette said...

Anita Roddick who started the Body Shop. Unfortunately dead but has been such an inspiration in my life.

Sam said...

If I could have my photo taken with someone famous then it would have to be Kevin Rose founder of and presenter of the Diggnation podcast. Kevin is such an inspiring person who has helped me with my addiction for technology and news. Kevin has contributed to the idea of media entertainment over the Internet and has worked on many different Internet shows in the late 90s and even now. This in return has meant that huge organisations such as BBC are now using similar technology such as the iplayer for new ways of delivering entertainment. I know that he is not famous to everyone but he is famous in the tech world. If you don't know him then check out this wiki link:

Cheers Sam from the Northwest.

womagwriter said...

I'd have my photo taken with my great-great-great-grandfather who also happens to be the main character of my novel. Sadly he's long dead and photography wasn't even invented when he was alive.

I would have said Colin Firth but julesy beat me to it. Firth is, of course, the obvious candidate to play the starring role in the film of my novel. Now who's delusional?!

NatalieRoberts1 said...

If I could have my photo taken with someone famous, dead or alive, it would be John Steinbeck.
I read his book Of Mice and Men in school and this is when I knew I wanted to be a writer. He inspired me so much.I've read it so many times now.

Joanna said...

It would have to be Keith Richards, the most elegantly wasted and craggily gorgeous man I can think of. And, amazingly, still alive.

Karen said...

Sounds totally glamorous and I'm glad book 3 got the thumbs-up :o)

Tiger Hills sounds great. I think I'm too late for the competition, but I'd have my photo taken with Colin Firth and ask him if he'd be interested in playing the lead if my novel EVER gets published and made into a film!

julesy said...

Looks like Colin Firth is the winner...hope Cally has his address to send him the book!