Tuesday, 1 March 2011

30 Day Music Challenge - Day 1

Over on Facebook, fellow writer Keris Stainton, linked to the 30 Day Music Challenge. I'm a HUGE music fan so jumped at the chance to join in.

To any blog readers who don't want to read about my music taste/be subjected to day after day of YouTube videos you might want to come back in a month! I will try and include other bits and bobs - maybe even writing-related occasionally - but posting every day is going to be a bit of a stretch for me, Mrs Sporadic Blogger.

Feel free to play along in the comments and tell me which song you'd have chosen.

So, for Day 1 the question is: What is your favourite song?

This is mine. Guaranteed to get me jumping around the living room (despite the slightly dodgy lyrics)

'Pretty in Pink' by the Psychedelic Furs

In other news...I'm nearing the end with the novel 2 edits. Yes! I've finished the timescale/setting tweak that I've been working on for the last few weeks and have until the end of the month to get the 16 (yes I counted!) fairly minor edits/tweaks done that my editor has requested.

As novel 2 is now coming out at Christmas we've decided to change the title to something a bit more festive. There's been lots of discussion over email with my agent and editor and some of my Facebook friends even got involved when I started up a discussion over there. We got THISCLOSE to having the ideal title and then found out that another (more well know) author is using that title for her Christmas book. Damn!

But... I think we have an alternative title. My agent likes it, my editor likes it, the sales team likes it (I never realised how important the opinion of a publishing house sales team is until I got published!) and I like it too. There will always be a little bit of my heart that hankers over 'Happiness Ever After' but hey-ho, maybe I can use that for another novel.

No-one steal it or I'll send Molly Ringwald after you! ;)

So tell me - what's your favourite song?


Anonymous said...

At the moment, my favourite song is this.

Samantha Paige said...

I'm doing the 30-day music challenge too. I've been wondering where one of my friends got it from.

My favorite song is here: http://cassandriva.blogspot.com/2011/03/day-01-your-favorite-song.html

Cally said...

Capt'n: You're a prog rock man then. Why doesn't that surprise me? ;)

Samantha - Ah, Evanescence. I've got one of their albums kicking around somewhere!

womagwriter said...

Fairytale of New York, of course.

Glad to hear the edits are nearly complete!

Bernadette said...

Only one? Blimey.

As it's been a favourite for a long time, I'll go for 'What a fool believes' by The Doobie Brothers, but I'll probaly have changed my mind in five minutes.

Bernadette said...

So engrossed with song choices I forgot to say congrats on book 2 nearing completion/completion - as there are two versions!

You've worked really hard on this, I know, and you deserve much success and a big celebration.

Queenie said...

Paolo Nutini: Pencil Full Of Lead