Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 11 - 30 Day Music Challenge

A song from your favourite band...

Another difficult one. My favourite band changes from year to to year and sometimes month to month (yes, I'm that fickle! ;)).

Last year I fell in love with The Dead Weather, The Black Keys and The Decemberists. The year before it was The Swell Season, The Gossip and Fleet Foxes. Then there are my perennial favourites - The Smiths and The Cure but I have to be in a certain mood to listen to their albums.

Oh! I know. I bought this band's album in 2009 and, despite repeated plays, I still absolutely love it. Here's one of my favourite song from 'Lungs':

'Falling' - Florence and the Machine

How about you? Share a song from your favourite band with me!


Queenie said...

I'm that fickle too. Although a serious contender for my favourite band for, ooh, maybe two years now, has been Bellowhead, and my favourite song of theirs would definitely be London Town. Here's a fairly poor quality vid of that song at the last gig of theirs I went to (where I was pogoing in the mosh pit - oh yes, folk has come a long way!) so with the latest line-up: - you can probably find versions with better sound quality on YouTube if you want.

womagwriter said...

This is a hard one because I'm not sure I have a 'favourite band'. Sounds too young a thing for me to have.

Bernadette said...

Ditto what womag said - although I would possibly have picked Florence and gone for 'Dog Days'.