Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Day 15 - 30 Day Music Challenge

We're halfway through! (Phew, I hear you say!)

Stumbling on...

Today's challenge is to name a song that describes you

Oh I was spoilt for choice today. Should I go for 'Foxy Lady' by Jimi Hendrix, 'You're Beautiful' by James Blunt or 'Angels' by Robbie Williams.


Ick. Particularly to the mention of James Blunt on my blog. I'm so sorry about that.

I decided to go for this instead. A fantastic cover version by Muse.

What song best describes you?


Bernadette said...

I'm torn between 'You Sexy Thing' and 'Fat Bottomed Girls'.

But, more seriously, I'll go for 'Never Been Gone' by Carly Simon, as it describes my insides.

(For outsides, see above!)

Elaine AM Smith said...

I love that Muse track :)

I think Kay Perry's song "Firework" is the one for me. *blushes. I'm not letting myself think it is a little sickly - it is sweet! This track is perfect for anyone working on becoming as awesome as a published author.

Queenie said...

Alas, it's the Beatles' Paperback Writer.

Cally said...

Bernadette - I'd never heard of that song before but just looked up the lyrics and they're lovely! And 'Fat Bottomed Girls' - that's like a theme tune for writers! *laughs* (Well, this one anyway ;))

Elaine - Good isn't it! Firework is a really positive, happy song - great that you can identify with it :)

Queenie - Good choice!

Captain Black said...

I don't know what reminds me of me, but a song that reminds me of you is this one!

Cally said...

Captain - That's BRILLIANT! You just made me laugh out loud!

Quillers said...

I've only just started doing this on my blog. Better late than never, but I shan't let on my choices here (mainly because I haven't made them all yet).

Love Feeling Good, but prefer Michael Buble's version.

Cally said...

Quillers - I tried not to like Mr Buble because I assumed he was a bit of a smarmy smoothy but have to admit there is something quite charming about the man. And he's got a good voice too!

womagwriter said...

Describes me? Well there's always The Bluebells with 'Kath, woa-wo. You lead me up the garden path, woa-wo.'