Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Day 16 - 30 Day Music Challenge

A song you used to love but now hate...

Back when I lived in London in my early twenties I shared a flat with my mate, Matt*, from uni. I had the downstairs bedroom, on the same level as the living room and kitchen and Matt had the bedroom in the attic.

I was sitting in my room one day, door open, when Matt stumbled across the landing and dragged himself up the stairs towards his room.

"You okay?" I called.

"No," he said, pausing only briefly before continuing his slow trudge upstairs. "Time to ruin another album. Bye bye Nine Inch Nails."

He didn't need to say another word - I knew exactly why he was upset, he'd just got dumped!

I'm not sure if it the was third, or possibly fourth, album that Matt had 'ruined' in as many years but he always followed the same pattern:

  • got dumped
  • retired to room with pack of fags (and optional six pack of beer)
  • listen to maudlin album on repeat until utterly sick of it
  • bin album
  • go out with the boys and get (more) drunk
Because of Matt's post break-up modus operandi I've always been very careful about what music I'll listen to when a relationship ends. There's NO WAY I want to ruin any of my all time favourites with horrible memories. Instead I seem to seek out brand new sources of miserable melody, use them to get me through the 'god, I'll miss you' or, in the case of my last break-up 'thank god, I'm free of that terrible cheating, lying *******!' stage and THEN I bin them.

So... Polly Scattergood. I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. But I can't STAND your squeaky, moany, high-pitched, tormented wails any more. **

Please share! What song did you used to love and now hate? And what's the story about the change of heart?

* Name changed to protect his innocence!
** Apologies to Nik P who's a huge fan!


Nik Perring said...

Currently pissing myself at the **!

Interestingly (parallelly?)I've gone off Hello Saferide's 'Anna' for very similar reasons.

It's all right, Polly. Nik still loves you.

:) x

Queenie said...

I honestly can't think of a song I used to love but now hate. Loads that I used to hate but now love... is that tomorrow's post by any chance? ;-)

Bernadette said...

I used to love Cyndi Lauper 'True Colours' but then hated it for a long time - over exposure through adverts I think. Probably just indifferent now, so maybe it will re-grow on me later.

Cally said...

Nik - Glad I made you grin. I know what you mean about 'Anna' - I'm in a 'not listening to Hello Saferide or Oh Laura' phase too.

Queenie - It's not, but feel free to list some songs you used to hate but now love. I'm interested! Particularly why you hated them and why you now love them!

Bernadette - Ooooh me too! I used to love the song when I was a teenager and now it just sounds a bit wet and whiny. Maybe I loved it as a teenager because I was a bit whiny myself!

Queenie said...

Most of Abba's output, for a start. I think their songs were overplayed when they were new, plus I was in my rock/prog rock phase so they didn't appeal anyway, but I love their music now.

Cally said...

Queenie - I've got a bit soft spot for ABBA. I go in phases though. Loved them in my 20s (girly nights out), didn't like them when Mama Mia came out (too much airplay) and now catch myself bouncing around in my seat if they come on 'random play' on my MP3 player. You have to be in the right mood for a bit of ABBA though!