Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day 2 - 30 Day Music Challenge

Day 2 - Name your least favourite song.

Hmmm. So many rubbish songs in the world, which one to choose?

'Itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny-yellow-polka-dot' bikini nearly made the cut as did 'Agadoo', 'Is this the way to Amarillo' (can't STAND that song) and the 'Macarena'.

Instead I'm going for '(Everything I do) I do it for You' by Bryan Adams.

I worked behind the record counter in Woolworths when it was released and as soon as it hit number 1 it was played on repeat in the store, at least once an hour. That was fine for the first week. Bearable for the second. And nerve-grating for the third.

By the fourth week of it at number one I was positively GROWLING at customers who dared to bring it to the counter but my torture continued...

It stayed at number one for SIXTEEN WEEKS!

Here's a link because I'm not allowed to embed this one (thank god!). Enjoy! *she said through gritted teeth*

So go on - which song is like fingernails on a blackboard to you?


Nik Perring said...

Return of The Mack. I hate it.

Karen said...

"I'm a Survivor" by Destiny's Child - something about the tone and the way it goes on and on.

I still have to turn off if I hear it!

Anonymous said...

(Here come the) Girls, cover by the Sugababes. It's used in every frakkin' advert on telly and it drives me up the wall!

womagwriter said...

That stupid one they used to play at weddings and school discos where you sit on the floor in a line and all tap twice to the left, twice to the right, forward, back, endlessly. I nearly committed d-j-icide when it got played at our wedding.

Bernadette said...

'Oops upside your head' womag - takes me back that does!

My least favourite - again lots to choose from, but I'll go for 'Washing Machine' by Kate Bush (yes, really). Fortunately I don't think it was ever a single and so I don't have to leap up and turn off the radio and my husband knows better than to put it on when I'm in the house.

Queenie said...

That bloody awful 'January, February' song by Barbara Sickson.