Friday, 4 March 2011

Day 4 - 30 Day Music Challenge

Today's music question is: Which song makes you sad?

Now this one really IS tricky. I own loads of sad songs (does it say something about me that I own loads of sad songs and not many happy ones? Hmmm...maybe you shouldn't answer that).

Anyway, I have LOTS of songs to choose from. There are songs that remind me of sad moments in the past, songs that have sad lyrics, songs that have sad melodies - songs that have all three!

The following were all on my shortlist: 'Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want' by The Smiths (beautifully covered by Clayhill), 'Let Go Now' by Nina Kinert, or 'I Wanna Be Around' by Dinah Washington but I think THIS has to be the saddest song I own:

How about you? What's the saddest song in your opinion?


womagwriter said...

Easy one -
These are the days of our lives -Queen. I just see the video in my mind, shot in b&w because Freddie Mercury was so jaundiced at the time. He sings lying on a chaise longue, because he was too weak to stand. And at the end, he looked straight at the camera and said, I still love you. It was rated as his best ever vocal performance.

Bernadette said...

'So Far Away' by Carole King.

Karen said...

Angel by Sarah McLachlan :o(

Cally said...

Womag -,that sounds heartrending, will have to look it up on YouTube

Bernadette - I don't know that song,will check it out, thanks

Karen - I lone Sarah McLachlan, she is one of the queens of sad songs

Cally said...

'love' Sarah McLachlan!

Queenie said...

Forever Autumn by the Moody Blues.

Quillers said...

I've chosen I Can Let Go Now by Michael McDonald for my saddest song. But Womagwriter has reminded me of another Queen song 'Who Wants To Live Forever?' Given what Freddie was going through at the time, that one is achingly sad.