Monday, 7 March 2011

Day 7 - 30 Day Music Challenge

A song that reminds you of a certain event...

Back in August 1997 I was living in Tooting in South London, scratching out a living as an admin assistant at a medical publishers and seeing a guy called Tony.

Tony and I were still in that 'Oh my god you're so fascinating' stage of our relationship (i.e. very early on!) and we'd stay up for hours, lying on the single bed in his studio flat in North London, listening to music and putting the world to rights.

This particular night we were listening to The Smiths - album after album after album - as Tony and I were both huge fans. I'm not sure why we decided to turn the CD player off and listen to the radio instead, but we did, and somewhere around 2am we heard that Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Fayed had been in a car accident in Paris. Diana had a wound to her thigh, the report said, while Dodi had died.

"Oh God that's awful," I said to Tony. "And just as she'd found love again too. Poor woman."

We continued to listen to the radio as the news unfolded that Princess Diana wasn't just injured, she'd died too. We listened, utterly transfixed, to report after commentary after report until finally the sun came up and birds started to sing. When I travelled back to my own flat on the Tube I was in a daze. It all felt so surreal.

So yes, this song reminds me of that night.

'How Soon is Now?' by The Smiths

What song reminds you of a certain event?


Bernadette said...

'Another Day' by James Taylor always reminds me of my wedding day, as I was listening to it in the bath just before getting ready. The words really summed up how I felt about getting that second chance.

Cally said...

Bernadette - Now that's a MUCH more cheery story than mine! :) I don't know if it's just me but all these memories that people are sharing, plus the associated songs, are really getting my short story brain whirring!

womagwriter said...

Abba's Dancing Queen.

A few years ago I went to my sister-in-law's hen weekend in Mallorca. Me and a huge crowd of Irish women. We met up with a party of golfing, and had some very late nights. On one, as the sun came up and the bar staff swept the floor around us, one of the golfers sang Dancing Queen, softly, beautifully, to my sister-in-law. He had an amazing voice.

Queenie said...

Lots. And they all remind me of funerals.