Thursday, 28 April 2011

She must love the sound of her own voice!

That's probably what my neighbours thought when they walked past the door to my flat this morning.


Because I spent from 10.30am until 2.30pm reading novel 2 aloud.

I completed the copy edits a couple of days ago (yay!) and left the novel to rest so my head could empty a bit before I gave it a final read through to check for errors.

My attention span is absolutely shot at the moment and, as it's particularly hard to read off screen, the only way I could focus and not re-read the same paragraph over and over again was to read my novel aloud. The downside was that it took a lot longer than reading in my head (and I only got halfway through before I ran out of steam) but the upside was I spotted lots of errors and clunky sentences I might otherwise have missed. It's also a great way to spot where your pace flags - you'll know because you'll bored of reading! (luckily I only found one scene like that).

Yesterday I asked Twitter how I could find the motivation to read through my entire novel. I got some great suggestions but, as it turns out, I had the answer all along - pretend you're on Jackanory! I have no idea how old you lot are or whether you remember Jim'll Fix It but, when I was little, I loved Jackanory so much I wrote to Jimmy Saville asking if I could read a story.

He never replied.

I'm pretty sure that novel 2 isn't suitable material for a young audience (it contains sex and bad language for a start!) but putting on voices and generally being a bit over the top really helped get me through 4 hours of reading aloud - it's more tiring than you'd think.

I'm having the weekend off (starting now!) and I'll read the rest on Monday before I send the whole lot back to my editor.

Next week I might write a blog post about how I went about fixing the timeline issues...

Have a great weekend!


J. L. Jackson said...

I'm afraid to read aloud. It may give me nightmares, but I know its a good idea to hear your story. Have a good weekend.

DOT said...

When I did my BA at Sussex a few years back, a friend and psychologist student told me that reading aloud helps recall because it involves three senses, reading, speech and hearing, i.e. eye, mouth and ears. It is also useful, as he pointed out, to spot where structure, syntax and/or spelling fail. So keep going :)

Debs Carr said...

I'm in my shed reading mine out loud at the moment. I felt really silly the first time I did this and it does help that I'm out in the garden, locked in a shed, but it shows up so many mistakes I've missed before and is well worth doing.

Karen said...

Reading aloud really helps, however mad it sounds. I do it in an Australian accent ...