Monday, 23 May 2011

And we're off! (in more ways than one)

If you haven't clicked 'like' on my Facebook page (if not, why not?! ;)) you won't know that my copy-edits were approved and 'Home for Christmas' has officially gone into production.* Woo hoo!

If that wasn't good enough I've also (with a bit of help) pretty much finished all the packing for my impending move to Bristol (five bags of stuff to charity, 6 bags in the skip and a MOUNTAIN of stuff to a car boot sale) and I'm off to Nice for my writing retreat on Wednesday!

I was worried that I'd blub during my official leaving do yesterday but, to my surprise I didn't shed a single tear. That may have had something to do with the fact that I'm seeing most of my friends/family again, individually, before I leave or that I'm in denial about the fact I'm actually going to leave Brighton after all this time but, mainly, I think it's because I'm so excited about the future. There's been a certain predictability to my life for the last 13 years and that's all about to change. Bring it on, ready or not!

I've spent today crossing boring moving-related things off my 'to-do' list, answering an interview for my Brazilian publishers and completing an online course I'm doing to help me complete 'Project B'. More on that when I've finished the first draft.

More of the same tomorrow - maybe squeeze in a trip to the Brighton Pavilion (I know, 13 years and I've never been!) - and then I'm off to Nice to get cracking with Project B. I still need to do a ton of planning before I can REALLY start writing Project B but I'd like to bash out the first couple of chapters if I can. They can always be re-written later.

Back on Sunday. Have a good week!

* page setting and proofreading


Debs Carr said...

Congratulations on the edits and good luck with the move. I'm so envious of you going to Nice, lucky thing.

Cally said...

Thanks Debs! I'm really excited about going to Nice. I've been to Beziers before but not that far South/East.

liz fenwick said...

Well done...on edits and moving. Good luck and enjoy the break in Nice.

womagwriter said...

Oh you MUST go to the Pavilion before you leave!

Mind you I lived in Brighton for 3 years and only went after I'd moved away.

Good luck with everything.

Cally said...

Liz - thanks

Womag - I never did make it to the Pavillion, I just ran out of time! Ah well, I can visit the next time I go to Brighton (and feel like a proper tourist!) :)