Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Thumbelina: The tale of the one-handed writer...

Just a quick update to say that the cast/clubhand came off on Monday and I'm now the proud owner of a thumb splint! I feel so much lighter and unencumbered it's unbelievable - and generally much chirpier in myself!

I can even type - though I'm not supposed to b/c I'm supposed to keep my left hand elevated - so am keeping two-handed typing to a minimum.

The Dragon App turned out to be a bit of a disappointment when I used it this morning. It kept failing to transcribe the chapter I was reading (though it DID transcribe my test - 'Hello my name is Cally, I live in this house' - each and every time I said it which was weird!) so I might hang onto the expensive PC version after all as the thumb splint is likely to be around for another 6 weeks or so.

As well as working on Project B - I wrote over 1,000 one-handed words yesterday taking me to 13,470 / 70,000 (19.0%) - I've been working on some of the marketing/PR ideas for 'Home for Christmas' that Louisa and Sophie and I talked through over lunch the other week.

One idea in particular sent me into spasms of delight (and guffaws of laughter) when a friend very kindly took a look at what I'd produced, tweaked it and made it 100% better. I'm crossing everything that it comes to fruition. If it does hopefully I'll get to debut it around October time so watch this space.

There are still several things on my 'Home for Christmas' PR 'to do' list and I'm working through them slowly but surely.

I'm still enjoying Project B but have found writing it comes in fits and starts. Last night, for example, the words seemed to spill out but, at other times, it's like pulling teeth. Even though I've done more plotting than normal with this novel I'm definitely writing my way into it and only discovered the true voices of two of the characters yesterday (5 chapters in). That's why I keep banging on about the importance of fast & dirty (shit) first drafts. There's absolutely no point editing and polishing your chapters as you go along because you'll only end up rewriting them once you reach the end anyway! Well, I will...

It's weird though - I do find myself re-reading bits and thinking, "that's not very good. Call yourself a writer? How clumsily did you word that?!" and then I have to remind myself to take my own advice - just get the story down and make it publishable later.

Right - I've now suitably motivated myself to log off the internet and write a bit more. Ta taaaa!


Josefine said...

wow, the new picture looks much better than the last with the large bandage and everything.
I am impressed you're keeping up the spirit typing one handed, pushing through it all.
Wishing for a speedy recvoery!

Mama J said...

No wonder you're chirpier if you're constantly giving everything the thumbs up.

Apologies. It sounded funny in my head.

You're much more self-motivated than me - I'd use any excuse to curl up watching telly all day!

liz fenwick said...

so agree with the shit draft thing...if i start thinking too much it kills it dead.

Good luck with the one handed typing..I'm bad enough with two!

Debs Carr said...

How frustrating typing one-handed!

Good luck with the word count

Emma_Silver said...

I hate those times when the writing doesn't flow. I find I'll be typing something and then the next thing I know, I'm just mindlessly surfing the web :-S

Mama J said...

Emma, I'm the same. I know I'm having a bad writing day when I come to and I'm looking up pap on ebay.

PT Writer said...
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PT Writer said...

There's a blog award over at my blog for you. (That last comment was from me but it sounded way too rude! So deleted it) Glad to see you're on the mend!

Mama J said...

Another award for you here, Miss Popular :-D

Cally said...

Josefine - thank you! The splint is SO much more manageable than the cast!

Mama J - that comment made me laugh out loud!

Liz - yep, thinking is the enemy of the first draft

Debs - thanks

Emma - it's SO easily done. I have a lot of respect for people who can turn the wi fi off!

Pt & mama - thank you so much for the bog awards, totally forgot to mention them in my most recent post