Wednesday, 14 September 2011

If I could be anyone I'd be...

...Michael Palin!

Not only has he travelled to places I could only imagine visiting AND had adventures that money can't buy but he's been in films and is part of Monty Python, one of the greatest comedy partnerships ever.

I've spied on seen him at the Orion parties (he's an author too don'tchaknow!) and he seems like a genuinely lovely guy.

Who would you be?

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But when a former flame returns seeking the old Willow, Willow must decide: can she risk her stardom and her village's newfound fortune on love, or is being Marilyn her ticket to happiness?

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Talli Roland said...

Oh, that's a great one! I love his travelogues.

Thanks so much for taking part! xx

Susan Fields said...

Oh, I love Monty Python! I didn't know he was an author, too - talented guy!

Alleged Author said...

I bet being a member of Monty Python is so much fun. Cool choice!

Debs Carr said...

Ooh, good choice. He's done so much with his life, hasn't he?