Thursday, 10 November 2011

All I want for Christmas... to decorate the tree and see the Spudling's face when we turn on the lights for the first time!

On the left is my Christmas tree from last year. Wow. Last year I was part of a couple and now I have a family. It really does blow my mind the more I think about it.

One of the things Mr Metal and I talked a lot about when I was pregnant was how Christmas takes on new meaning when you have a child because you get to experience the magic all over again, through their eyes. The Spudling will only be 3 months old this Christmas and will spend most of his time just looking I imagine but, by next year, we'll probably have to keep an eye out to stop him toddling up to the tree and pulling it down!

I popped into House of Fraser in Bristol a couple of weeks ago and couldn't resist a new tree decoration in the shape of a teddy bear. I nearly bought a whole basketful of new decorations but decided, instead, to buy a new decoration each year to signify another Christmas spent with the Spudling. To say I'm hugely excited about Christmas this year would be an understatement. we are - launch day of my second novel 'Home for Christmas'. Welcome to my online party! I obviously can't sign any books but if you fancy a free signed bookplate to stick in your book just drop me a line at with your name (I'll dedicate it to you and/or a relative/friend) and address and I'll stick one (or more) in the post in time for Christmas!

A great big lovely box of books arrived the other day. I was super excited to receive them but the baby was asleep in my arms so I had to satisfy myself with staring at the box until the Spudling roused himself and I could pop him in the pram long enough to rip open the box. And ooooh pretty, pretty books - they really are much lovelier and sparklier than they look in the photo.

I also took the chance to flick through the copies of RED and GLAMOUR magazine I'd bought the day before (will I ever have the time to read a magazine from cover to cover again?!) and check out their mentions of Home for Christmas. RED called it a 'Cinderella tale' and GLAMOUR called it a 'sparkling story' - how lovely.

I heard the other day that ASDA will be stocking the book for the next two weeks, then Sainsbury will have it for two weeks and finally WHSmith Travel will stock it from 24th November until the end(ish) of December. Apparently Waitrose are going to stock it too but I'm not sure when. If you spot it anywhere please do let me know. When 'Heaven Can Wait' came out lots of people took photos of the book in various shops and I loved seeing them. I know I'll be stalking the local supermarkets for the next couple of months...

The online reviews are starting to roll in now and I can't begin to express how nervewracking it is, waiting for them to be posted. When 'Heaven Can Wait' came out two years ago the first review I read online absolutely slated the book. I promptly burst into tears because I thought it meant everyone was going to hate my book (thankfully that wasn't the case!). These days I've got a much thicker skin and as long as most of the people who buy 'Home for Christmas' enjoy it then I've done my job. If you read it and want to give me some feedback I'd really appreciate a review on Amazon or Goodreads.

What else?

I'm going to be running what I think is a very exciting competition to celebrate the launch of 'Home for Christmas'. I'll post the details in another blog post later today. you know what I want for Christmas what about everyone else who's so kindly turned up to help me celebrate? Do check out their blog posts - they're all lovely! (NB: Some might not be posted until later in the day)

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Thank you all for taking part, I really appreciate it!

Right, on with my day - which will mostly involve changing nappies, walking round cemetries and playing 'shake the rattle from left to right'! It may be publication day but I'm still a mum! :)


liz fenwick said...

Children bring a special bit of magic to Christmas....even when they're big.

The book looks fab and I've ordered my copy!

Jenny Beattie said...

Congratulations on publication day. I loved hearing how you feel differently towards Christmas now that you're a mum. And as they get older it just gets more enchanting.

Mama J said...

Christmas can lose its magic when you grow up but kids bring it back again.

Good luck with the book x

Karen said...

I can't wait to get stuck into my copy, Cally :o)

Children make all the difference at Christmas. Mine are practically grown-up now and some of the magic has worn off for them.

I guess it'll start again with grandchildren. Gulp ...

B said...

Posted, finally. I could blame J but really I'm just disorganised :)

Cally said...

Thanks everyone xx