Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The verdict is in....

My editor loves the rewrite of book 2. I knew I was in for good news when I saw the title of the email - "Bravo!"


The plan is to publish it at Christmas so I've just got a few more tweaks to do before the end of March then it's copy edits, proof reading edits and....done! Oh, and the title is going to change too. But we haven't quite decided on that yet...

I'm SO going to celebrate when it is actually, properly 'done'. I feel like I've been working on this novel forever (possibly because I have. 2 years, one month and counting...) and can't wait to work on something new. This book really has been a slog and a half and I really, really hope I don't have to put this much work into any of the books I write in the future. That said this book is a million, squillion times better than it was when I handed in my first draft back in December 2009 and I'm pleased with it. I just hope my readers like it. I'll be gutted if I get a bunch of 1 star Amazon reviews saying 'so disappointed after the first book'. Urgh! Unlike 'Heaven Can Wait' book 2 doesn't have a supernatural element but it does have laughter and tears so... *fingers crossed*

A couple of months ago I was panicking because I didn't have the slightest clue what to write for book 3 but an idea crystalised in my head over Christmas AND I came up with an idea for something I'm calling Project B. I'm really excited by the idea for Project B. It's not something I've been commissioned to write and it's not something I've got a contract or a publisher for but it is something I'm really excited about writing. It's the same kind of urge - the same compulsion - I felt when I got the idea for 'Heaven Can Wait' and I'm itching to get started.

How I'm going to write book 3, Project B AND hold down a full time job in the next year I've got no idea but I'm going to give it a go (and possible die/have a breakdown/turn into a hermit in the process). One thing that is going to help is the 4 day writing retreat I'm going to in May. My screenwriting tutor got in touch to ask if I'd like to go away with her and some other writers to a villa in Nice (complete with hot tub and pool). Would I? I can't wait! It's not a huge amount of time but I'm hoping it's enough time to sketch out the plots for both projects.

What else? Heaven Can Wait has sold to Macedonia! The publisher was so enthusiastic about my book and has asked me to write a little dedication to the readers to be scanned into the front of each book. Apparently Lindsey Kelk (I Heart New York etc) did the same. I'm uber honoured!

Today I received copies of the Croatian version of Heaven Can Wait:

It's the same cover as the UK version! (But with a different title, obviously!). It's also a lovely, shiny hardback! That's Germany, China, Croatia and Spain that have sent me copies of their versions now. Can't wait to have all 10 on the book shelf. Makes all the slog worthwhile.

Talking of making the slog worthwhile it's the annual Orion author party next month. It's pretty much the only glamorous event in an author's life (well, this author's life). It's going to be held at the Royal Opera House again and, if the last two parties I attended are anything to go by, the champagne will be flowing and you get a lovely goodie bag of other people's books and audio CDs at the end! I've treated myself to a posh frock and everything. I will go to the ball!