Sunday, 1 January 2012

The trouble with Kindles... that it's so bloody easy to download books that I'm swiftly building an electronic 'to be read' pile that is starting to rival its paperback counterpart (though it takes up a hell of a lot less space!).

Last year I read (by which I mean FINISHED) a woefully low number of books (and several were graphic novels) and considering I need to write a new chicklit book this year AND look after the Spudling I can only see that figure becoming even smaller. That saddens me because I've always loved reading, there are so many amazing books and writers out there and it's important for authors to continue to read widely BUT I've come up with a solution! Audiobooks! I take the Spudling for a walk in the pram for an hour or two each day and now I'm the happy owner of a 160GB iPod (thanks Mr Metal!) I've got an mp3 player with lots of free space and a couple of hours a day in which to listen to it.

Perfect! Apart from one thing - while I was out walking yesterday, listening to 'Before I Sleep' by SJ Watson, I started thinking about my next chicklit novel (I wrote the synopsis before Christmas and am trying to write the first 3 chapters so Maddy, my agent, can approach Orion about getting me another book deal) and it turns out that it's impossible to think about one novel whilst listening to another! In the end I had to turn the iPod off so I didn't miss any of the story. But then my head was all full of dialogue for novel 3 & with no way of writing it down I had to dictate it into my mobile (which wasn't hugely successful as it turned out. When I played it back later it was hard to make out what I was saying above the noise of traffic) and then type it into google docs via my iPad when I got home. Could I possibly use any more technology?!

Anyway, that's my plan for 2012. Write a new novel, 'read' more books and bring up my baby, all without my head exploding (and on very little sleep). How about you?

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Anonymous said...

Ha! This is a little Chicklit blog post in and of itself, isn't it? I hate when I don't have a notebook around to jot down novel ideas on.

Good luck with your writing in 2012! Get some words down now before the little one starts crawling and then walking. Trust me ;)

Karen said...

I listen to audio books in the car all the time - I'm a convert (but still don't fancy a Kindle!) Like you though I sometimes have to switch off to concentrate on ideas for my own writing.

I plan to up my output in 2012 and to stop worrying about 'the market' as it freezes me up.

Good luck with your writing, and fingers firmly crossed for a new deal.

wannabe a writer said...

I'm with you about the Kindle. I thought it would solve my tbr problem but it has just doubled it. I love audio books and listen to them when I'm doing the really boring housework - doesn't seem so bad then.

By the way, I've just finished reading Home For Christmas - one of my Christmas presents (paperback) and I couldn't put it down. The perfect read for the Christmas break. Good luck for the next one, I'm looking forward to it.


Miranda Hardy said...

My mom loves her kindle. I have a nook, but I think I may buy a kindle, too. We'll see.

Great goals. Good luck with all of them.

mmshaunakelley said...

I am with you. Had my Kindle less than a week, and have an 4 book backlog, on top of the hard copy books waiting.

What I already LOVE about it is that the books that were previously deemed "too short for novels, too long for short stories..." now have a place. And I actually LOVE the short-novel length of about 30,000 words. Perfect for a plane ride.

I self-published my short story collection with pretty good success thus far, which also makes it awesome to me :)

Mad Writer said...

lol I think the Kindle is cool, but I rather prefer that fresh smell of paper when I open up a book :) It could be cool if you're traveling somewhere though.
Thought I'd share my blog with you if you are interested.

Cally said...

Suz - Yup, I'm a regular chicklit character. Well, I have to base my novels on something don't I? ;)

Karen - I know what you mean about worrying about 'the market' when you're writing. I'm the same although now I'm trying not to think about 'the market', 'the readers' and, most fiercesome of all 'the reviewers'! Thanks for the crossed fingers, for you too x

Linda - Ooh, never thought to listen to audio books when doing boring housework. Great idea! Thanks so much for your kind words about HfC, I really appreciate it.

Miranda - What is this nook of which people speak? Must investigate!

Shauna - Good point. I know my publisher have published a few novellas since ebooks really took off and Sophie Kinsella released a free short story for Christmas apparently.

Mad Writer - That's the main reason I bought a Kindle, for travelling. Not that I've done much recently!

womagwriter said...

How great to be walking the baby for a couple of hours! Methinks your next novel needs to include a yummy mummy or two....

I love my Kindle but am resisting the temptation to download too many books - my rule is if I download it I must read it, and soon. But I'm still working my way through the huge physical TBR pile by my bed - Kindle is for the train journeys.

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